Pair accused of locking man inside his Shrewsbury flat after using it as base to take crack cocaine

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Two men allegedly locked an acquaintance inside his own home for several days after taking over his Shrewsbury flat.

Simon Llewellyn allegedly took the man's house key after moving in uninvited with his pal Luke Pritchard in March and used the address as their base for taking crack cocaine.

Giving evidence at Shrewsbury Crown Court victim Andrew Thomas told the jury the defendants turned up at the property, in Woodlea, Springfield, at 10.30pm on March 23.

Mr Thomas said: "I unlocked the door and let them in. Simon said, 'Can we have a session with your benefits money?' They went upstairs to my lounge.

"I wasn't very happy about it. Simon had got some crack cocaine."

Mr Thomas told the jury that he was offered some of the drugs which he accepted. But he said by the next morning Llewellyn, 40, had taken control of the door key and was using it to let him in and out of his own flat.

He told the jury that Llewellyn's co-defendant Pritchard, 20, slept in the bed and that Llewelleyn also took over his mobile phone to make calls and it was never returned.

Prosecuting barrister Mr Kevin Jones said Mr Thomas' ordeal came to an end after the pair went out leaving him locked inside and some of his friends realised that they had not seen him for several days.

Mr Jones said: "This is a case about bullies. It is about these two defendants taking over a man's home and them locking him inside. Them stealing from him and stealing at knifepoint."



"The prosecution says that they made themselves at home. They stayed in the flat uninvited. They were trespassers. They ate some of his food, slept in his bedroom and used his shower while pretty much ignoring Andrew Thomas during that time.

"They asked him when he was getting his benefit money because they wanted to get more drugs.

"At one stage Llewellyn returns to the flat carrying a cooker hob, bottles of wine and vodka. The prosecution says that these items were stolen from another property close by after Mr Thomas was locked inside his flat," Mr Jones added.


The trial continues.

Llewellyn and Pritchard both deny burglary relating to the the keys, the phone and a knife taken from the flat. Llewellyn denies false imprisonment, and handling stolen goods relating to the cooker hob and alcohol.

The jury was also shown street camera footage of Pritchard taking part in a robbery near the steps between Castle Street and Raven Meadows where victim Gary Ryan was hurt with a knife.

Llewellyn also denies robbery and having a blade article with a knifepoint relating to that incident. The jury was told that Pritchard previously admitted robbing Mr Ryan of his wallet and mobile phone during the incident which happened shortly after 8.30am on March 25.

Deborah Hardiman

By Deborah Hardiman

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