Bishop's Castle police probe after cats found dead or injured

By Lucy Todman | South Shropshire | Crime | Published:

Police are investigating after cats and kittens were found dead or injured in Bishop's Castle.

Some people in the town are concerned that the animals have been targeted and officers from West Mercia Police have been unable to rule out foul play.

On their Facebook page, Bishop's Castle Policing Team said: "We are aware of some Facebook posts with regards some kittens being found dead and a cat's tail being found in Bishop's Castle which has caused some concern in the community.

"The following incidents have come to our attention and these are the facts we know at this time.

"On September 22, two kittens were found dead on Woodbatch Road. It is unknown at this time how they were killed but there are a number of different scenarios that can't be discounted at this time.

"On September 27, a cat's tail was found at the entrance to Bishop's Castle park.

"This was taken to the local vets and has been professionally examined. The injury is a degloving wound where the tail has become detached from the cats body. This is likely caused by the cat getting its tail caught in something and pulling it out or even a vehicle running over the tail and pulling it out.


"It would be very difficult for a human to cause that type of injury and it certainly has not been chopped off. The cat has not been located as of yet but it would of likely died from such an injury. It is unknown how the tail got to the location where it was found but it can't be discounted that an animal has picked it up and dropped it there."


Officers added that three days later two kittens that had been out in their owner's garden all day have been let back in to the owner's property. One of the kittens came in and started fitting, with blood coming out of its mouth. It was struggling to breathe and died.

Police said: "The other kitten has been unaffected and appears healthy. It's unknown what has caused the kitten to die but it did not appear to have been attacked or display injuries."

Neither kitten had been vaccinated.

Officers added: "It's unknown if there has indeed been any foul play at this time and these are coincidental incidents."

If anyone has any information with regards any of the incidents they can email the Bishops Castle team at

The police had been accused of 'downplaying' the incidents but said: "We are not trying to downplay this, we are stating the facts that we know of at this time along with a professional vet's opinion."

Lucy Todman

By Lucy Todman

Senior reporter for the Shropshire Star and Shrewsbury Chronicle based in Shrewsbury.

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