Staff afraid to come into work after thieves raid Shrewsbury restaurant - with CCTV footage

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A Shrewsbury restaurant boss has told how staff are scared to come into work after the venue was broken into this week.

The pair make off with Dragica's bike.

Now Dough & Oil manager Zak Hammond has demanded police do more to stop break-ins at town centre businesses.

The popular pizza restaurant in Castle Street was targeted on Monday morning last week. CCTV footage shows two men enter after worker Dragica Trifunovic opened the doors, and take several items.

The two men can be seen slowly approaching around the corner as Dragica makes her way into the shop, and peering through the window until it appears that the coast is clear. The pair then enter, grab the items and casually saunter away to try and avoid drawing attention to themselves.

CCTV footage from the shop:

CCTV from Dough & Oil, Shrewsbury, shows bike theft

The man who wheeled the white Claude Butler bike away was dressed in a blue coat, black tracksuit bottoms and distinctive black Adidas trainers with white soles. He had brown hair and was around 5ft 10ins.

His accomplice was slightly shorter, and had a black coat on with the hood up. He wore navy blue tracksuit bottoms and grey trainers.

The bike also had a water bottle attached to the frame.


Zak said: “One of our staff members came to open up. It was dark inside and she couldn’t see so she went to turn the lights on. When she came back up two intruders had stolen her bike, purse and mobile phone, all in the space of a minute and a half.”

He claims that police have not visited, and that given the compelling evidence at his disposal, it is a source of frustration.

Dough & Oil worker Dragica Trifunovic feels scared after the restaurant was raided

“She called 999 but she got passed onto a 101 person because it wasn’t an emergency. This happened on Monday and it still hasn’t been assigned to an officer. On Thursday I dragged in an officer on patrol off the street. They know who it was. They said they know the two individuals. But the police haven’t bothered to send anyone out to deal with it. The member of staff is an older lady and she feels like she’s been targeted. She’s scared to come in.”


Zak has seen people on the CCTV cameras attempt to break-in overnight too, and insists it isn’t just Dough & Oil that is being targeted.

He said: “Other businesses have experienced this. There was an attempted break-in at the Little Gourmet cafe recently. I showed them the CCTV from my cameras of it happening.

The two men crept up to the open front door after seeing Dragica enter.

“We know it’s not homeless people. We feed the homeless.

“It’s drug users who come into town, robbing to fund their next fix. I’ve been trying to reassure my staff that it is safe. Unfortunately all businesses are having to be careful.”

West Mercia Police confirmed the incident was reported at 8.20am on Monday and that investigations are being carried out, but made no comment on why no officer has been to visit the restaurant yet.

Nick Humphreys

By Nick Humphreys
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