Teenagers flee wrecked car after it smashes into vehicle in Telford street - with video

By Dominic Robertson | Dawley | Crime | Published:

Two teenagers were seen running from a car that crashed into a parked vehicle in a Telford residential street.

A young girl who escaped the wrecked Honda was found shocked but unhurt.

Neighbours in Finger Road, Dawley, were alerted by the loud noise of the collision soon after 10pm on Tuesday.

Teenagers flee wrecked car

More than a dozen people rushed to the vehicle to offer their help.

Some comforted the teenage girl while others controlled the traffic until the emergency services arrived.

The crashed black Honda was left across the road near a bus stop.

The car it had run into, a Ford saloon owned by one of the residents of Finger Road, was severely damaged after being shunted on to the pavement in the collision.

One of the residents, who asked not to be named, said: "I was just thinking of going to bed when I heard an almighty noise in the street and I knew right away it was a car crash. I was afraid somebody had been hurt so I went outside to help.

"Several of my neighbours had done the same and some of them were helping a young girl who was shaken and confused. She explained that she had been dozing in the back of the car when it crashed. The two lads she was with had run off.

"She was wrapped in a blanket and lent a phone to call her family. Others of us used flashing lights and arm signals to slow down the traffic, which was still barrelling down the road even though the wrecked car was halfway across it."


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