Jailed: Telford woman, 31, stabbed her partner for eating a chip

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A Telford woman stabbed her partner six times . . . after he took a chip from her plate, a court heard.

Laura Rhodes went to fetch a four-inch knife after an argument erupted with Peter Bowers.

Shrewsbury Crown Court heard the 31-year-old stabbed him six times in the arm and shoulder during the drunken row.

“The pair had been in a relationship for six years which has been described as stormy, volatile and a train wreck,” said Mr David Swinnerton, prosecuting.

“They had been in the pub together and stayed drinking to 11.30pm when they returned to the flat in Dawley where he made food for her.

"He took a chip from her plate which sparked an argument. He slapped her with the back of his hand and she went into the kitchen and came back with a four-inch knife and stabbed him twice.

“He then went to the kitchen and picked up another knife. The defendant took the knife off him and he pushed her so she stabbed him towards the collar bone and shouted ‘I will kill you’.”

Mr Bowers sustained six stab wounds in total and spent three days in hospital recovering.

Rhodes, of Cordingley Way, Donnington, was sentenced to 36 months in prison for wounding with intent on March 27. She was also charged with inflicting grievous bodily harm and actual bodily harm on September 3 while on bail. She admitted all the offences.


The court heard while on bail Rhodes was drinking with Mr Bowers, her father Daniel Howells and friend Christina Evans.

“Christina Evans gave Mr Bowers a peck on the cheek which sparked her jealously,” he said. “Laura became irate and punched her in the head and pulled out a clump of her hair. Her father told her to calm down so she picked up a glass and pushed it towards his eye.”

John Williams, defending, said his client had had a “tragic” life blighted by drink.

He added: “She’s lost four of her children to care and now has begun to realise that drinking and her relationship with Mr Bowers is a recipe for disaster.


“She’s made progress in prison and is making good use of her time there. She’s realised she needs to give up drinking or she will kill herself at an early age, or someone else.”

Judge Peter Barrie sentenced Rhodes to two years for the attack on Mr Bowers and a further year for the second attack.

He said: “The prosecution have accepted that you didn’t intend to cause him really serious injuries and it was excessive self-defence, but these were potentially very serious injuries. When you take a knife to someone and stab them, you risk finding yourself in much greater peril than you are today.

“You assaulted your father by taking a pint glass and hitting him in the eye with it. It was not as serious as it was first thought to be but this was again a serious attack that might have had far more serious consequences. You also pulled Christina’s hair with such force you tugged hair out of her head.

“You need to find a way to live without alcohol and start to live a law-abiding life.”

Aimee Jones

By Aimee Jones

News reporter based at the Shropshire Star's Shrewsbury office, covering North Shropshire, including Ellesmere, Whitchurch and Wem.

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