Cars keyed in Shrewsbury as vandal attacks begin again

By Lucy Todman | Shrewsbury | Crime | Published:

Vandals have targeted a number of cars in a residential area of Shrewsbury.

Damage to one car. Photo: @ShrewsburyCops

The attacks have been described as "mindless" by the local councillor and police are now calling on the public's help to catch the culprits.

In recent months, cars parked in the Castlefields area of the town have been scratched, had their wing mirrors torn off or windows broken and their cars aerials bent back.

After a lull, it seems the vandals have resumed their activities.

The damage has been concentrated in the Beacalls Lane area although it is now spreading further.

Cars have been keyed or offenders have used a screwdriver - leaving deep scratches along the body work and leading to costly repairs for the owners.

Reports of the vandalism are regularly being received by the local policing unit which is now determined to catch those involved.

PC Ingrid Tozer from the town centre policing unit said: "We have had a number of vehicles damaged and broken into over the last couple of months and as of yet no offenders identified. We ask anyone with any information to contact local policing team for the Castlefields area.


"Most of the damage is being caused along Beacalls Lane, but has spread into the streets around."

Alan Mosley. Shropshire Councillor for Castlefields and Ditherington and leader of Shrewsbury Town Council said: “This is a great area to live but it is being marred by these mindless acts of vandalism. I am pleased with the response by the Police team and by local residents in reporting offences. I hope this prevents any future occurrence. Even better if the perpetrator is identified, charged and dealt with appropriately.”

In March, three cars in Dorset Street and another in New Park Road were damaged and the tyres were slashed.

Other cars have been damaged or have been broken in to and belongings removed.


In 2015, 13 cars were targeted by vandals in what was described as a "despicable act". Again the tyres were deliberately punctured.

The vehicles were parked in Burton Street, Queen Street and North Street and the damage cost the owners hundreds of pounds to repair.

Castlefields is an area popular with commuters leaving their cars while they walk in to town or use the nearby railway station.

Lucy Todman

By Lucy Todman

Senior reporter for the Shropshire Star and Shrewsbury Chronicle based in Shrewsbury.


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