Life of Riley the dog in Market Drayton means eating a plant-based treat

A bakery that makes treats including cakes for dogs is taking the lead in providing those little luxuries for pampered pets who need more plants in their diet.

Owner Sarah Meredith is pictured with Riley the dog and some of the products
Owner Sarah Meredith is pictured with Riley the dog and some of the products

Life of Riley Pet Bakery and Boutique, in Market Drayton, was started in 2018 by husband and wife team Sarah and Richard Meredith, after they found that their loved Patterdale Terrier was intolerant to most meat.

Now they have launched a pop-up shop, with the next one at Tern Valley Business Park on March 16, in time for Mother's Day on the 19th. Treats will be available including heart-shaped goodies.

"Dogs are omnivores and need fruit, veg as well as meat," said Sarah, 32, who gave up her job as a council finance expert to start her own business with Richard, 34.

"So many dogs now have intolerances and allergies, including our dog Riley who can't eat beef, pork, lamb, turkey, fish or rabbit."

Some of the products at Life of Riley Pet Bakery in Market Drayton

The life of Riley now includes crunching down on lots of special cakes made of lentils and chickpeas and other plant-based foods. And Sarah revealed that he would be getting a lot of extra munchies on his 12th birthday on Thursday.

The bakery uses human grade ingredients but their consumption by human vegans, vegetarians and plant-curious types is not recommended.

"They would not harm humans but they definitely aren't to our taste," said Sarah. "We have got rid of all the baking powder, grains and sugar.

"I think a lot of people understand dog diets a little bit more now," she added.

"Intolerances and allergies are a lot more common, and include throwing up in the garden and pets having itchy, flaky skin."

Most of the company's business - between 80-90 per cent of it - is now selling direct to 120 stockists.

Their clients include Planet Doughnut, which sells their doggie doughnuts, and the Battlefield 1403 shop in their native Shrewsbury.

Sarah added: "We used to open the shop once a week to the public but we've moved over to pop-up shops, the next one being in time for Mother's Day,"

They also plan to hold workshops.

And from small beginnings five years ago the company now employs seven people in total.

"We were the first pet bakery in Shropshire. There are a few more now than when we started but we were the first," Sarah said proudly.

Being a bakery, the business has not been immune from rising prices of energy, as well as logistics and ingredients. But Sarah said they have managed to adapt and are doing just fine.

They have also installed a 30Kw solar power system to help them control their costs.

Life of Riley can be found across social media with the handle @LifeOfRileyBake

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