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Staycation boom continues as Shropshire accommodation hosts celebrates success

A businesswoman who launched her business to host accommodation said the staycation boom is continuing across the county as people enjoy the UK, despite the easing of travel restrictions.

Vicky Brown

Vicky Brown ended her 22-year career in car sales to launch Pass the Keys Shropshire which manages short-term and holiday rental properties such as those listed on Airbnb and other such sites including her own site

Vicky said the business has become so successful she is already looking to expand her team to host more short-term rental properties and holidays lets.

“My business has been going just 10 months and I couldn’t be happier with the results so far. I have always been interested in property so this is like a dream job.

“I manage Airbnb properties for people who might have their own unrelated businesses, have a family or live abroad and have a portfolio of properties which they are unable to manage to the high standard expected as they live abroad or elsewhere in the country.

“It is a full management service so the owner doesn’t have to do anything – only enjoy the income from their property.

“I organise the welcome, the changeover, the bookings and deal with any problems guests may have 24/7,” she said.

Vicky, who lives in Hadnall, said the properties she currently manages were across Shrewsbury and north and south Shropshire but had availability for more.

“It is such an enjoyable business as you get to know the property owners, and then the guests who come and stay and why they come to Shropshire.

“It could be that their children are at boarding school here and they come to visit, they have family and friends here or they are holidaying here in Shropshire and an increasing number of bookings are coming from people who are in between selling and buying houses as as we know the property chain doesn’t always happen as smoothly as expected.

“Many people have sold their property when the prices have been so high and then moved into one of my managed properties for a short-term let so they are no longer in a chain which gives them improved buying power,” Vicky said

“I am looking to expand in south Shropshire which means a small boom for other businesses and the local workforce as I will be looking for more storage units and recruiting more cleaners.

“Staycations are definitely here to stay – my guests enjoy the simple travel, the amazing places we have to visit across the county and the flexibility of self catering with their outdoor areas to host their own guests, friends and family.

“We also have many rentals which we manage for workers who are coming to work in the area and want to stay with their work mates but have their own rooms, without compromising on being able to cook and relax together. I would argue the corporate lets are more popular than ever as a hotel stay can be quite lonely and restrictive without anywhere to properly relax after work.”

Vicky said people who had made many repeat bookings have told her they have realised how beautiful places are across the UK and do not necessarily want the hassle of airports any more.

Pass the Keys Shropshire also boasts its own online bookings facility which the properties go on to as well as other website listings such as Airbnb.

“I’m a one stop shop for property owners who want full management and first class customer service is at the heart of everything I do – just as it has been throughout my career.

“Shropshire is a beautiful place to stay, live, socialise and holiday and the right accommodation in the right place is key,” she added.

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