Telford International Centre announces new shows

By James Pugh | Telford | Business | Published:

Event venue, Telford International Centre, will host the co-located inaugural Advanced Materials Show and Ceramics UK in July this year.

Telford International Centre

The shows are anticipated to secure over 200 exhibitors and welcome a global audience of over 3,000.

Together, they will utilise four conference stages and numerous additional meeting spaces for workshop sessions.

Adam Moore, CEO of Event Partners, is responsible for delivering the co-located events and is in no doubt that Telford will prove to be the ideal venue.

He said: “Whilst Telford wasn’t a venue that I was particularly familiar with, and certainly hadn’t worked at before, I felt comfortable as soon as I walked in.

“The International Centre doesn’t sell itself on a single attribute; it’s more a case of the complete offer. It provides the utmost in flexibility; from the need to utilise extra space, to the desire to have exclusivity of the venue, nothing has proved too difficult to accommodate. The fact too that it offers plentiful parking spaces and is conveniently located on the UK’s transport network, with on-site hotels, mean it ticks all the necessary boxes.”

Adam focused his venue search on the Midlands but was also keen to secure a venue that would set the right tone for the launch of the new show and contribute to its ongoing success.

He said: “The exhibitor experience is imperative at any event, but when it’s a brand-new show this is even more important as you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

“Simply, Telford can’t fail to impress and make both exhibitors and visitors alike feel welcome. From the ease of finding the venue, to then being able to park and stay on-site, not to mention the first-class catering service, the overall offer minimises any risk.”

The Advanced Materials Show and Ceramics UK will also utilise the services of Stagecraftuk, Telford International Centre’s own in-house live-event production company – another contributory factor in Adam’s decision to choose Telford.

“I’ve experienced the pros and cons of many international venues and have worked with numerous production companies. The reality is that all too often you’re treated simply as a number but to date that certainly hasn’t been my experience of Stagecraftuk. Having the team on-site versus an outsourced provider makes a huge difference as they truly understand the nuances of the facilities and available space – something which I’ve particularly valued given my relative lack of knowledge of this as a venue,” he added.

James Pugh

By James Pugh

Shropshire Star Business and Farming Editor.


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