Holly the wallaby recaptured after two weeks following injury

A three-year-old wallaby who has evaded zoo officials for more than two weeks has been caught.

Three-year-old Holly back at the zoological park
Three-year-old Holly back at the zoological park

The animal, known as Holly, escaped from WILD Zoological Park in Bobbington on August 14.

The animal has been re-captured - after being injured in a nearby road in a glancing blow by a van.

Holly has a scrape under her right ear where the van clipped her.

The animal's wounds have been cleared up and she is now back in the wallaby enclosure.

A spokesperson said: "I can tell you that all our staff are very happy to have Holly home, everyone is helping to keep an eye on her and make sure she’s as comfortable as she can be.

"It’s good and slightly bad news at the same time.

"She was unfortunately injured by a vehicle this morning after days of trying to drive her back to the vineyard or ideally catching her, but she kept returning to the same spot which was by a main road and obviously a big worry for us.

"In the early hours she seemed to insist on hanging out by the roadside each night and the inevitable has happened as much as we tried to keep her away from roads.

"For our keepers it’s been a daily (and nightly) wild goose chase with keepers up until 1am or 2am some nights trying to get her back.

"The good news is she is bright and alert looking around and really responsive.

"She will have concussion so we are closely monitoring her and obviously she will still be in an element of shock and off balance but our own vets are on call and our keepers will be keeping a round the clock eye on her.

"All in all we are glad to have her back, not the way we wanted to have her back but she’s back and already showing positive signs and recovery.

"Thanks to everyone who has been helping us with the tracking of her, and contacting us with sightings and there’s even been a few members of the public help us run across fields.

"We are very glad to have her home."

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