Shropshire weather: 1982 was snow joke - your memories and old photos

On Tuesday we took a trip down memory lane back to 1982 – when we knew how to do snow properly!

Shropshire weather: 1982 was snow joke - your memories and old photos
The article obviously found a warm reception as our newsroom and website have been buried under an avalanche of your photos and memories of winters past. Thanks.

Sheila Warren: I remember it well. I lived up the lane between Gretton and Chatwall. The diggers from Wenlock Edge quarry spent over 12 hours digging me out on 12th Jan so I could get to hospital to give birth. We had a crash on the way to the hospital because of the snow! All ended well though, Alex Warren!!!!

Carol Sherwood took this in Clun in '82

Ceri Clefairy Humphreys: I remember winters like this in the early 90s ('87 baby), when I was growing up on the Welsh border mountains. Shame kids today won't experience it.

Jackie Falconer: I had to give my little sister a piggy back home as the snow was too deep for her to walk in. She dropped her Roland Rat school bag in the snow.

John Charles Leith's photo looking down at Coalport Bridge from Broseley road

Vedra Walton: I remember getting a slapped backside for coming home from school because it was closed. Sleds at the ready.

Dave Scott: I wasn't around in 1947 or 1963 but January 1982 I always remember as one of the worst winters in my lifetime!

The frozen River Severn in Shrewsbury in January 1982 was photographed by lots of you

Steve Matthews: I used to remember when I waking up in the mornings to the snow, and listening carefully to the radio keeping my fingers crossed mine was one of the schools to be closed. I also remember when at junior school and they would release us early due to the snow.

Andy Clark: I commuted through this from Craven Arms to Telford – on a motorcycle! Through Much Wenlock until they closed it, then the Corvedale to Bridgnorth until they closed that and then the A49 Shrewsbury – Telford. The only day I missed we couldn't get back from Shrewsbury on Sunday night and didn't get home until midday Mon.

Shropshire Star reporter Sue Austin, then Moir, close to the frozen River Severn in Shrewsbury, with the floating restaurant behind

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Diane Goodchild: I remember this very well, our central heating packed in and the pipes froze up. Even the bubble bath was crystallised. Two infants and another on the way. Great fun. Not!

Heather Howe: I remember winter 1981. I was living at High Ercall at the time 6ft of show and ice on the inside of the windows.

Paul Morstagg-Higgs' snowy Tontine Hill in Ironbridge

Sheri March: I remember that winter as we had just moved from Newport to Telford and it was my first day at Charlton School but as I was new, the school hadn't informed us that it was closed due to the bad weather so I walked from Shawbirch to the school along the main road if I remember rightly was called the Whitchurch road and it was so cold.

Send us your old snow photos here for a chance to win £100

Joanna Turton: I remember the milk float couldn't get down the road so the prison rang all the staff to say the milk had been delivered and I had to traipse through four feet of snow to collect it!

Firefighters had to remove giant icicles off the front of Chronicle House in Shrewsbury in case they fell

Kathleen Jeff: I remember that. Brrr!

Caroline Scoyne: I remember we had no running water for three weeks due to frozen pipes. Whitchurch road was like a farmer's Lane. The buses stopped and it took me nearly four hours to walk to town from Sundorne. Happy times.

Mel Austin knee deep in snow at his Shrewsbury home

Julie Bakarania: I remember 1982 and we used to have to dig ourselves out of our houses. The snow was that high above the door frames – those were the days.

Anna Bella Louise Butler: I was only two, so don't remember but I recall many winters like this as a young child. We even built a slide out of snow one year. It was brilliant and proper good snow.

The snow drifts reached well up the side of houses in Clun in January 1982

Joanne Sheasby: 1991 was bad, but we don't really get weather like that any more.

Geoff Handley: In 82 I had an allotment in Meole Brace opposite the school, but lived in Bayston Hill so used to walk across fields. Couldn't get the parsnips out of the ground and down at the site it was just a blanket of snow with the tops of Brussel sprout plant.

Dick Williams and his family in Newtown in 82. They now live in Australia.

Jan Doll Scott: I remember this, I was five. Couldn't get out of our front door because the snow had drifted up against it right to the top!

Stuart Smith: I wish it was like that now, to show the kids of today how to have fun.

Alison Lewis says: 'That's me and my sister in the picture. I was 14 and she was 10. It was taken in our front garden in Lansdowne Crescent, Bayston Hill. The snow had drifted over the fences and I had to go and collect the milk from Jacksons Stores for elderly neighbours as the float couldn't get around most of the village. My mum told me off for accepting tips for it!'

Wendy Scotland: I remember this as Sean and Mark were both born in late 1981 and then we got our new house in Shawbirch.

Nikki Jane Whicker: I can remember making an igloo in the snow. The snow was so deep we were able to tunnel into it. So much fun.

Will Davison says: 'During the winter of 1982 I was a postman at Oakengates and these are some photos I took while on delivery around The Humbers in Donnington. We used old Commer diesel vans and had a number of occasions where the diesel froze up on delivery and they thawed them out by using flame throwers under the van.'
Will Davison says: 'The doors of our car were completely frozen, we did eventually manage to open them but then they wouldn't shut so I had to drive to work holding the door shut with one hand and steering with the other.'
Photo by Will Davison
Photo by Will Davison

Mick Carr: I was at university in Manchester and tried to travel home to play a game of rugby for MD RUFC. I got as far as Stoke!

Gill Elizabeth Knox: I can remember walking to school along the hedgerows as that's how deep the snow was!

Jane Blizard: I remember it well. Kids today have never really seen snow like we did.

Catherine Elizabeth Humphreys: Oh wow wouldn't that be lovely today – if even for a short while.

Terry Jones, from Longden Common, says: 'These photos are taken by me at Cothercott Hill, Pulverbatch. At the time I was working for Shropshire County Council at Callow Quarry and I was sent to clear the snow with the loading shovel from the quarry.'
Photo by Terry Jones
Photo by Terry Jones

Robin Preece: I lived up Carding Mill Valley in 1982. It was awesome.

Jill Matthews: I remember this. My baby son Peter Blackhurst was a few weeks old and had to keep the house extra warm as he was premature.

And finally . . . believe it or not this was Ludlow in JUNE 1982 after a freak hail storm – what a year for weather!

Julie Evans: I remember walking up from the car park at Crudg to clock in on the morning that it was -26C.

Karen Roach: That's proper weather!

Dave Brookes: What about 1963? There were 10ft drifts then. Brill!

Jay Reishus: This looks like normal weather for us up in Northern Minnesota.

Ivor Howse: I think 1947 was the worst I have seen for snow.

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