Ludlow one of the top posh names to give boys according to Tatler magazine

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It's the Shropshire town famous for dining out, one of the country's best racecourses and a stunning castle.

And now Ludlow has been crowned one of the top posh names for boys by society magazine Tatler.

While the top name for baby boys in 2016 was Oliver, those wanting to be a little bit different are bucking the trend and opting to name their newborn sons after one the town.

Known for its ancient castle, independent shops and cobbled courtyards, Ludlow may be a tourists dream but doesn't strike as the inspiration for a baby's name.

But according to Tatler, the town comes out as a favourite for those wanting to be a little bit different for their newborns.

Councillor Vivienne Parry welcomed the news that the name of her town was amongst the list.

"It is nice to be that little bit different," said Councillor Parry who represents Ludlow South on Shropshire Council. "There is a movement away from the more traditional names such as Jack and Harry so I am pleased that Ludlow has been put on the map in this way.

"I have a Leahana, which means an exotic lily and my other daughter is called Emma.

"I know that the top showbiz people are calling their children by unusual names and if this means that Ludlow is heard of more then it can only be a good thing.


"Having said that I don't think I would be calling my child anything so strange.

"But it is nice that Ludlow gets some recognition. Bridgnorth recently won the Great British High Street title so it is good that we are recognised too. It's lovely."

Ludlow is closely followed by Uxorious and Npeter (the 'N' is silent). For girls, among the top names are Hum, Figgy and Rara.

The top posh name, according to Tatler, was Aubyn, followed by Barclay, Cassar and Euripides. Also making up the list are Fenston, Gustav, Hickman, Innsbruck and Mao.


For girls the list is similarly odd. The top posh girls' name is Alfreda, followed by Blanche, Czar-Czar, Debonaire, Estonia, Gethsemane, Idabelle, Jori and Koala.

While Posh and Becks named their offspring Brooklyn, Cruz, Romeo and Harper and Angelina Jolie chose Shiloh, Maddox, Vivienne, Zahara, Knox and Pax before her split from Brad Pitt, it is the less way out names which appeal to the parents of Shropshire.

According to BabyCentre, topping the chart for 2016 was Oliver followed by Muhammad, Noah, Harry and Jack while for girls it was Olivia, followed by Lily, Sophia, Emily and Amelia.


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