Haunted Shrewsbury? Paranormal investigators returning to old Abbey infirmary

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A building which is hundreds of years old will be the subject of a paranormal investigation next month.

The Old Shrewsbury Abbey infirmary and Queen Anne House, which is now the headquarters of the Shropshire Wildlife Trust, will see investigators descend and attempt to make contact with the spirit world.

Members of staff have reported a feeling of being watched, especially when working in the building at night and there are sometimes unexplained noises too.

And now paranormal investigation group Paranormal Friends will return for a second visit after previously holding a ghost hunt there earlier this year.

Group co-founder Veronica Extance said: "We conducted the first ever paranormal investigation of this ancient building back in the spring and were very pleased with the paranormal activity we seemed to encounter.

"We just had to go back and will be next month and again it sold out in a very short time; if we discover more apparent evidence we may well book another night, too.

"Sometimes, when a location has not been investigated previously, it can take a while for spirit to learn how to communicate using our combination of spiritual and scientific methods but we certainly got going well last time and can't wait to return."

In 1984 Hilda Murrell, a 78-year-old distinguished rose-grower turned anti-nuclear campaigner and co-founder of the Shropshire Conservation Trust, was found brutally murdered outside her home town of Shrewsbury. And the Queen Anne House was where she was based for many of her writings.

The case became one of the biggest, most bizarre and baffling British murders of the 20th century involving political conspiracies surrounding the nuclear industry and the Falklands War.


And medium Veronica said she believed she had picked up on the presence of Hilda previously.

"Of course, there is the added element of a room in the Queen Anne House being known as Hilda Murrell's office; where she reportedly did a lot of her writing.

"Her murder remains a very controversial case to say the least.

"It is an opportunity to see whether we gain any information there as I do believe I felt her presence on the first visit."

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