Biscuits, banana skin and sharp pieces from can: Litter leaves a nasty taste for Shropshire pup Pepper

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Chocolate biscuits, a banana skin and a sharp piece of a drinks can are not the usual diet of a 14-week-old puppy.

But little Pepper came across these items during a walk in her local park – and quickly wolfed them down.

Her owner Matthew Baker, of Oakfield Road, Market Drayton, said Pepper became very ill after eating the items and the metal cut her gums.

Catherine and Matt Baker, from Market Drayton, with puppy Pepper who has recovered after her nasty 'meal' in the park

After the incident Matthew and his wife spent 20 minutes clearing up the litter from Westlands Road park.

He said: "Later that evening and the next day she was very lethargic – not her usual bouncy self. As she is a puppy she has soft tender gums and is teething. The can caused a few small cuts to her gums but it could have been a lot worse.

"She is all fine now but who knows what she might have picked up and swallowed if we hadn't kept an eye on her and got her back on the lead when we realised the extent of the litter."

He added: "We are responsible dog owners and always pick up our dog's mess, so please can people ensure that they take their rubbish away with them and put it in the bin."

Market Drayton Town Council today urged people to use bins in the park or take their rubbish home with them.

Kate Harvey, assistant clerk at Market Drayton Town Council, said: "I can confirm that an employed member of the town council visits all the parks within the town on a daily basis.

"At the park checks are made with the play equipment to ensure they are working properly and safe for children to use them, all fences are checked to ensure they are in good condition, litter bins within the park are emptied and also they pick up any litter in the area."


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