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Smoking breaks part of reason Bridgnorth mechanic lost his job, tribunal told

Unauthorised smoking breaks contributed to a mechanic losing his job with a Bridgnorth firm specialising in classic cars, a tribunal has heard.


Anthony Hunt told a during an employment tribunal in Birmingham he felt "bullied" after being dismissed from Classic Motor Cars Ltd on the Stanmore Industrial Estate.

Mr Hunt made a legal claim of unfair dismissal and detriment against the firm after complaining of victimisation.

The firm opposed Mr Hunt's legal claims and denied some of his allegations during the two-day hearing, which has now ended.

Mr Hunt, now living in West Bromwich, said in his witness statement he had enjoyed his job and had a good working relationship with the management.

He complained of being victimised when asked to do jobs he was not able to undertake "due to technical issues" but also alleged he was "constantly asking for work" at the firm.

Mr Hunt said he was unfairly accused of lining up a job with another firm and alleged he was eventually told by the management his contract was being terminated with immediate effect.

In a statement he said: "I was told 'You don't fit in our plans'. Yet I had done nothing wrong. I was in a complete state of shock."

Mr Hunt said he asked for a reason for his dismissal but was told to leave the premises. He said he felt he was being bullied.

Mr David Maxwell, representing Classic Motor Cars, said Mr Hunt had been involved in a "clocking on" issue and a dispute involving work on an E-type Jaguar.

Miss Helen Small, workshop controller, in her own witness statement, said she was asked for her views and agreed Mr Hunt should have been dismissed.

She said: "The reason for this was that the claimant was continuing to take unauthorised smoking breaks and using his phone outside the authorised breaks."

Miss Small also accused Mr Hunt of having a "poor attitude" and alleged workshop staff "could see that he was getting away with things, which was having an effect on morale".

Judge Mr Charles Camp said he would make a decision on Mr Hunt's sacking from Classic Motor Cars following the conclusion of the hearing.

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