Letter: Government takes backward view over renewable energy

In the aftermath of the UN Paris Climate Conference, it is extraordinarily sad that, in the face of the threat of significant climate change, the Government is showing such poverty of ambition.

Letter: Government takes backward view over renewable energy

Given the urgent need for action, it is scarcely comprehensible that the Government is reining in on support for renewable energy.

Where other countries in the world see renewables as a wonderful investment opportunity for business and economic development, the UK Government appears blind.

Is the closure of the few remaining coal-fired power stations the best we can do? Is our best plan to extract even more fossil fuel – fracked gas – and so still contribute to global warming? As householders across the country clean up after record floods, after three "hundred-year events" in the last few years, can the Government reassure us that it is taking sufficient steps to protect them, their children and grandchildren from the consequences of climate change, when it is unwilling to take the necessary bold steps, or, indeed, tell the truth about what is necessary?

Describing events as "unprecedented" is lame. Extreme weather events are precisely what is expected, and climate scientists have been predicting this for years. Is the Government going to act on evidence and change track, or continue to muddle along, with a few emergency handouts on the way?

If we are to conserve the best of what we treasure in our environment, we need a two-track approach. Firstly, we must reduce to zero our dependence on fossil fuels, both by cutting consumption and by promoting renewables.

Secondly, we must adapt to the inevitable consequences of change; for example, why are we still building houses on flood plains? Why are we not investing more in adequate flood defences?

It is time for the government to take a lead.

David Howard, Chair, Stretton Climate Care

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