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Rally bids to keep Shrewsbury swimming pool at the Quarry

Organisers of a rally are hoping that more than 500 people will take to the streets to support a bid to keep Shrewsbury's Quarry Pool in the town.


This week, placards have been made along with posters and banners by members of the Quarry Forum in preparation for Saturday's rally which will make its way through the town to the pool.

Bernard Wills, chairman of the Quarry Forum, said: "We are hoping that as many people as possible come along and join us. We want them to be as engaged as they can be in this whole process of deciding where the pool should be.

"Shropshire Council's consultation survey has another two weeks to run and we want to use the rally to raise awareness with people in the town who have not yet filled it in.

"The rally is to make people know how important the pool is for the town. There is really only one option for where the pool should be and that is keeping it in the Quarry. There really is no other town option. Why upset the equilibrium by pushing it out of the town? The pool has been here in the heart of the town in some shape or form since 1894. It is an important part of the town and of the make up of the Quarry.

"The people that are using the current facility want it to stay there. We know there has been a fantastic response to the consultation survey so far and that is very heartening. It does show that people are becoming more engaged with the whole process. They recognise that it is a big asset that could be lost to the town.

"If it went out of town it would be more expensive for people to visit as they would have to get a bus into town and then out."

They would not be able to have dual visits where they can combine a swim with a visit to the shops. It would have a knock on effect for the town if it were to move.

"These are all points we hope to raise during our rally. We need to make a stand. Everything has been left in a limbo at the Quarry Pool, people say it is dirty and cold but that is because nothing has been spent on it for years. It just needs some money spending on it."

The rally will leave the top of Pride Hill at 11am and will make it's was along Shoplatch to the Quarry Pool.

Mr Wills is hoping that along with those dedicated marchers others will join in as it makes its way through the town.

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