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Asbestos present in hundreds of buildings in Shropshire

Hundreds of buildings in use across Shropshire contain asbestos, new figures released by councils revealed today.


Schools, libraries, fire stations and daycare centres are included on a list of buildings in Shropshire.

Although the substance is not deemed dangerous, if disturbed its fibres cause long-term lung problems like mesothelioma, lung cancer, asbestosis and pleural thickening.

Overall there are 391 sites across Shropshire with asbestos, of which around 175 are schools, 13 libraries, 10 fire stations, and about 10 leisure facilities including swimming pools.

Telford & Wrekin Council has a total of 62 buildings containing the substance. Oakengates Theatre in Telford, Prees gipsy and traveller site near Market Drayton and Shrewsbury Crown Court are among buildings that have asbestos.

The building that contains the most traces of asbestos is The Shirehall in Shrewsbury, where 398 samples were found during an inspection.

This is followed by the Grove School in Market Drayton with 270 samples and Idsall School in Shifnal with 257.

Neither council has needed to shut any of the sites and they say no current or former employees have reported any health issues relating to asbestos.

Dealing with the issue, Telford & Wrekin Council has spent a total of £280,000 since 2011, while Shropshire Council has spent £174,423 since 2013.

The councils say the money was used to cover inspections, updating records, and removing, enclosing or encapsulating known asbestos as a result of annual inspections or planned building refurbishments.

Steph Jackson, Shropshire Council's head of commercial services, said: "We take our duties with regards to asbestos extremely seriously and undertake our duties to ensure the safety of the public and school users."

Diseases caused by the substance still kills about 5,000 workers each year, which is more than the number of people killed in road accidents across the UK.

The Health and Safety Executive also states that around 20 tradesman die each week as a result of past exposure to the substance.

Asbestos can be present in any building that was built or refurbished before the year 2000.

Today's figures show the challenge faced by councils as they attempt to deal with buildings that were constructed before the dangers of asbestos became known.

Other sites that contain asbestos include Raven Meadows car park in Shrewsbury, Newport Girls High and Whitchurch Civic Centre.

The substance is rarely removed from the buildings as it is not deemed dangerous unless disturbed during demolition or refurbishment.

But the list of problem buildings has been created to ensure that nobody is placed in danger when work is carried out in the future.

If a sample is found to be "high risk" while inspections are carried out, actions will be made to reduce the risk of harm.

In the on-site asbestos register produced by Shropshire Council one per cent of samples are high risk, 24 per cent are medium risk, and 75 per cent are low risk.

Shropshire Councils says it has not closed any buildings due to asbestos being present in recent years. The council also says it has no records of people who use these buildings suffering ill health caused by the substance.

Steph Jackson, Shropshire Council's head of commercial services, said: "In keeping with the current Health and Safety Executive guidance, all known asbestos samples in council-managed buildings are reinspected at least annually to evaluate the risk associated with each one.

"Each asbestos sample has the risk sorted in order to establish its risk priority.

"The number of samples, sites and the ratio of risk priorities changes daily, as re-inspection surveys are completed and ongoing removal and remedial works are completed.

"The expenditure covers inspecting and monitoring the condition of known asbestos and updating the records, and removing, enclosing or encapsulating known asbestos as a result of the annual inspections or planned building refurbishments.

"I believe this demonstrates that we take our duties with regards to asbestos extremely seriously and undertake our duties to ensure the safety of the public and school users."

Russell Griffin, of Telford & Wrekin Council, said: "In accordance with the control of asbestos regulations the council has in place asbestos management surveys for its properties, these include both operational and educational buildings.

"From these surveys asbestos containing materials are known to be present in 62 properties.

"There are no schools or operational properties that are not being used because of the presence of asbestos."

Full list of building affected:

These have been revealed as the buildings containing asbestos.

Telford & Wrekin:

Admaston Tuition Centre; Aqueduct Primary School;Blessed Robert Johnson; Burton Borough School; Captain Webb Primary School & Nursery; Charlton School (Dothill Charlton Learning Community); Coalbrookdale & Ironbridge CE Primary School; Darby House; Dawley C of E Primary School with Nursery; Donnington Library; Donnington Wood C of E Junior School; Donnington Wood Infant School; Halesfield 22 (Nursery); Haughton Special School; High Ercall Primary School; Hollinswood Primary School; Holmer Lake Primary School; John Fletcher Junior School; Ladygrove Primary School; Lilleshall Primary School; Madeley Centre Library; Millbrook Primary School; Moorfield Primary School; Newport C of E Junior School; Newport Girls High School; Newport Infant School; Newport Swimming Pool.

Oakengates Leisure Centre; Oakengates Theatre; Queenswood Primary School; Randlay Primary School; Southall School; St Georges C of E Primary School; St Luke's Catholic Primary School; St Matthews C of E Primary School; St Patricks Catholic Primary School; Stirchley Library; Stirchley Recreation Centre; Strickland House; Teagues Bridge Primary School; Tibberton C of E Primary School; William Reynolds Primary School; Willow Court Hostel; Windmill Primary School ; Wombridge Primary School; Wrekin View Primary School; Wrockwardine Wood C of E Junior School; Wrockwardine Wood Infant School; Arthog outdoor centre; Business Development Centre; Addenbrook House; Crudgington Primary School; Dothill Primary school; St Lawrence primary school; Whitechapel House; 13 High Mount (care home); 14 High Mount (Care home); 1A Maurice Lea Avenuen (Care home); 1B Maurice Lea Avenue ( Care home); The Grove, Dawley (Care Home); 30 West Road


St Mary's Primary School; Albrighton Primary School; Albrighton Children's Centre Services; Alveley Primary School; Baschurch Primary School; Oakmeadow Primary School; Beckbury Primary School; Bishop's Castle Primary School; Bitterley Primary School; Bitterley Rising 5's; Bomere Heath Primary School; Castlefields Primary School, Bridgnorth; St John's Catholic Primary School; St Leonard's Primary School; St Leonards Primary Caretakers Bungalow; St Mary's Bluecoat Primary School Bridgnorth; Brockton Primary School; Broseley Primary School; Broseley Pre-school Playgroup; John Wilkinson Primary School; Puddleducks Pre-school Provision; St. Mary's Primary School Bucknell; Buildwas Primary School; Burford Primary School; Cheswardine Primary School; Childs Ercall Primary School House; Chirbury Primary School; Church Preen Primary School; St Lawrence Primary School; Church Stretton Swimming Centre; Claverley Primary School; Clee Hill Community Primary School; Clee Hill Pre-school Care Group; Cleobury Mortimer Primary School; Clive Primary School; St George's School; Cockshutt Primary School; Condover Primary School; Corvedale Primary School; Christ Church Primary School; Little Willows Pre-school (Christ Church); Dorrington Primary School; Ellesmere Primary School; Ellesmere Ducklings; Farlow Primary School; Trinity Primary School; Gobowen Primary School; Hadnall Primary School; St Thomas & St Annes Primary School; Highley Primary School; Hodnet Primary School; Hope Primary School; Kinlet Primary School; Kinnerley Primary School; Longden CE Primary School; Longnor Primary School; Lower Heath Primary School; St Laurence Primary School.

Whitchurch Civic Centre

Ludlow; Ludlow Infant School; Ludlow Junior School; Lydbury North Primary School; Longlands Primary School; Market Drayton Infant & Nursery School; Market Drayton Junior School; Minsterley Primary School; Morda Primary School; Moreton Say Primary School; Much Wenlock Primary School; Myddle Primary School; St Andrew's Primary School; Newcastle Primary School; Newtown Primary School; Norbury Primary School; Onny Primary School; Holy Trinity School (Former Beechgrove/Oswestry; Woodside Primary School; Our Lady & St. Oswald's Catholic Primary School; The Meadows Primary School - Oswestry; Bryn Offa Primary School; Pontesbury Primary School; Prees Primary School; Higher Heath Playgroup; Rushbury Primary School; St Mary's Primary School Shawbury; Sheriffhales Primary School; St Andrew's Primary School; St Andrew's Primary School Caretaker's Bungalow; Shifnal Primary School; Shifnal CCAb; Belvidere Primary School; Jays Nursery; Coleham Primary School; Crowmoor Primary School; Crowmere Children's Centre Services; Crowmoor Primary School Caretaker's Bungalow; Greenacres Primary School; Greenfields Primary School; Harlescott Junior School; The Grange Primary; Meole Brace Primary School (formally Meole Inf/Junior; Mount Pleasant Primary School; Oxon Primary School; Radbrook Primary School; St George's Junior School; St Giles' Primary School; St Giles' Primary School Caretaker's Bungalow; Shrewsbury Cathedral Catholic Primary School; Mereside CE Primary School; St Gile's Pre-School (Mereside CE Primary); Sundorne Infant School; Hazles Farm Childcare; Severndale School; The Wilfred Owen School Caretaker's Bungalow; Woodfield Infant School; Stoke-on-tern Primary School; Stoke-on-Tern Pre-school; Trefonen Primary School; St Peter's Primary School; St Mary's Primary School; West Felton Primary School; West Felton Pre-school; Weston Lullingfields Primary School; Weston Rhyn Primary School; Weston Rhyn Playgroup; Whitchurch Infant School; Whittington Primary School; Whixall Primary School; Whixall Pre-school Nursery; Wistanstow Primary School; Worfield Endowed Primary School; Worfield Pre-School; Worthen Primary School; Bog Visitor Centre; The Corbett School; The Corbett School Caretaker's Bungalow; The Community College; The Community College Caretaker's Bungalow; Bridgnorth Endowed School; Oldbury Wells School; Ludlow C.E. School; Ludlow School Caretakers Bungalow; The Grove School; The Grove School Caretaker's Bungalow.

The Grove School in Market Drayton

Mary Webb School; Severndale Outreach at Mary Webb; Mary Webb School - Caretaker's Bungalow; St Martin's School; Idsall School; Belvidere School; Sundorne School; Grange School; Meole Brace School; Thomas Adams School - Lowe Hill Road; Thomas Adams School Boarding House; Sir John Talbot's School; Sir John Talbot's School - Caretaker's House; Unit 1 Whitchurch Business Park; Unit 3 Whitchurch Business Park; Unit 4 Whitchurch Business Park; Unit 5 Whitchurch Business Park; Unit 6 Whitchurch Business Park; Whitchurch Learning & Training; Owen House; Woodlands School; Woodlands School Bungalow; Bridgnorth Economic Development Units - Toilet Block; Unit 1 Bridgnorth Economic Development Units; Unit 2 Bridgnorth Economic Development Units; Unit 3 Bridgnorth Economic Development Units; Unit 5 Bridgnorth Economic Development Units; Unit 7 Bridgnorth Economic Development Units; Unit 9 Bridgnorth Economic Development Units; Unit 19 Bridgnorth Economic Development Units; The Gateway Arts & Education Centre; Shropshire Music & Arts Centre; Bourne House; Walker House; Shrewsbury Training & Development Centre; Bridgnorth Youth Centre; Market Drayton Youth Centre; The Hive Music & Media Centre; Sundorne Youth Centre; TMBSS (Hook-a-Gate Office); Whitchurch Centre North East; The Hawthorns CSMT unit; SpArC Leisure Centre; Bridgnorth Endowed School Joint Use; Lacon Childe - Cleobury Mortimer Joint Use; Ellesmere Swimming Pool; Ludlow CE School Joint Use; Mary Webb Sports Centre; Idsall School Joint Use; Roman Road Sports Centre; Thomas Adams School Joint Use; Sir John Talbots Sports Centre; Albrighton Fire Station; Baschurch Fire Station; Church Stretton Fire Station; Cleobury Mortimer Fire Station; Clun Fire Station; Ludlow Fire Station; Oswestry Fire Station;Telford Stafford Park Central Fire Station; Tweedale Fire Station; Telford Wellington Fire Station; Bridgnorth Learning Disabilities (15 Innage Gardens); Ludlow Education Centre For Adults; Albrighton Library; Bayston Hill The Marchy Webb Library; Bishops Castle Library; Bishops Castle Register Office;Bishops Castle Customer First Point; Enterprise House; Bridgnorth Library; Bridgnorth Visitor Information Centre; Bridgnorth Registration Service Point;Broseley Library; Broseley Customer First Point; Ellesmere Library; Ellesmere Registration Service Point; Stonham Housing Association; Market Drayton The Clive Library & Registration Office; Market Drayton Customer Service Point; Market Drayton Registration Service Point; Oswestry Library; Shifnal Library; Shropshire Youth IAG Office; Shropshire Archives; Shrewsbury Castle Gates Library; Wem Library & Learning Centre (Ground Floor); Whitchurch Library; Acton Scott Agricultural Museum; Acton Scott Historic Working Farm - School House; Ludlow Assembly Rooms; Shropshire Hills AONB Office; Ludlow Training Centre; Ellesmere Boat Houses; Ellesmere Countryside Service Depot; South Shropshire Countryside Depot; Nesscliffe Hill Farm; Shropshire Council Shirehall; Connexions Office; The Shirehall, The Old Vicarage; The Salop UNISON Club; Shrewsbury Crown Court; Abdon Burf Wireless Station; The Elms Garages; Havenbrook; Beulah House; Glenview; Oswestry Learning & Training; Ditton Priors Oak Farm; Bridgnorth Group Home 14C Sydney Cottage Drive; Greenacres Rural Unit; Bridgnorth Training Centre; 5 Lawley Gardens - Shrewsbury; 19 Eskdale Road, Shrewsbury; Shrewsbury Group Home - 11 St Georges' Street; Shrewsbury Group Home - 12 Redfern Close; Shrewsbury Kempsfield Hostel; 1 Radvalley Rd Shrewsbury; Shrewsbury Group Home; The Elms; PATH House; Holbache Road Offices; Shrewsbury Richmond House; Ellesmere Meres Daycare Centre; Prees Gypsy Site; Shrewsbury Learning & Training; Winston Churchill Building - Shrewsbury; Archive Store; Harlescott Barns; Unit 1A Harlescott Barns (Nixons farm Shop); Unit 8 Harlescott Barns;Unit 14 Harlescott Barns; Industrial Premises (Old Carpet Factory - Alveley) Smart;Tank; Industrial Premises (Lamproom Works - Alveley); Swimming Centre Whitchurch; Swimming Centre Market Drayton;Market Drayton Market Hall Whitchurch Civic Centre Town Hall & Information Link; Units 36 NSDC Stores (Ringway); Former Mortuary Chapel (Wem); Castle View; TIC; Gatacre Pavillion; Old Railway Station, Oswald Road; 50/60 Unicorn Road (Laundrette); The Willows; Ladyhill Farm; Cherry Oaks Farm; Severn View Farm; Lower Farm; Lower Waen Farm; Haypole Farm; Wheatlea Farm; The Firs Farm; Marton Grange House; Marton Grange Farm; 6 Marton Grange;The Pheasantry; The Clamp Farm; The Poplars; Abbey Farm; No.6 Lacon Holdings Farm; No.7 Lacon Holding Farm; Digwoods; Cambrian Heritage Railways, Suite 1; Holmleigh Farm; Briar Hill Farm; The Beeches Farm; The Oaks Farm; Shrewsbury Market Hall; Bear Steps - Civic Society; Weeping Cross Depot; Raven Meadows Multi Storey Car Park; Raven Meadows Car Park Offices; Quarry Swimming Pool & Open Air Paddling Pool; Meole Brace Golf Club; Regimental Museum Shrewsbury Castle; Coleham Pumping station; Rowleys House; Music Hall; Shrewsbury Cemetery; Former Doctors surgery; CCTV Centre, 5 Forest Way; Auction Yard Bishops Castle; Challenge Court; Unit 1 Industrial Premises (Challenge Court); Units 2 & 3 Industrial Premises (Challenge Court); Unit 7 Industrial Premises (Challenge Court); Unit 8 Industrial Premises (Challenge Court).

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