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'Why would anyone do this?': Cricket club wrecked by vandals in motiveless attack

A forced entry, smashed fridge door and several indoor and outdoor taps turned on – but not one item stolen.


Vandals who targeted a cricket club close to the Shropshire border have not only left members counting up the cost of damage, but questioning the motive behind the mindless raid.

The perpetrators arrived at Church Eaton Cricket Club's home ground, in the village High Street, in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Vandals smashed a drinks fridge

They left parts of the playing field flooded as well as the bathroom in the pavilion, where wooden flooring is now beyond repair. Members at the club, near Newport, who also reported no equipment was stolen during the raid, believe the full cost of the damage will be in the hundreds of pounds.

This week, they have been in talks with insurance firms to see what cover is available to them. Club officials turned up on Sunday to parts of pavilion floor, including in the bathroom, under water.

Tim Holdcroft, club president, said: "It's very upsetting and a big inconvenience for us.

"We pride ourselves on being a family club and for someone to do this to us is really disappointing. Making the pavilion more secure is something we would definitely think about but that is something which costs money."

Rob Jones, the club's secretary, added: "I've been at the club for about eight years and not known of a break-in as such as this before. It's really upsetting for us because we don't get why anyone would do this and not steal anything."

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