100-word manifestos from YOUR election candidates

As the General Election draws ever nearer, we are inviting all the candidates in the six constituencies covered by the Shropshire Star to tell us why you should give them your vote on May 7 - in 100 words.

100-word manifestos from YOUR election candidates

These mini manifestos will provide an in-brief look at what our nominees stand for, what they see as the priority for both our local area and for the nation over the next five years.

Any candidates who have still to submit their mini-manifesto should e-mail no more than 100 words to thom.kennedy@shropshirestar.co.uk

Telford constituency:

Lucy Allan (Conservatives):

"Telford is a changing town. People choose to come to Telford to build their future, and that is what I have done.

As your MP I will continue to:

  • Fight for a new critical care unit at the Princess Royal Hospital

  • Ensure Telford is better connected; both its transport and its digital links

  • Protect our town’s green spaces and our unique identity

Telford needs an MP who represents all of Telford's communities, who puts people before politics, has a clear vision for Telford's future and who brings real life experience in business and community roles.

Telford is ready for change."


Denis Allen (Ukip):

"My mini-manifesto is:

I will campaign to restore full hospital services to the Princess Royal Hospital;

I will fight for free parking at the Princess Royal Hospital;

I will campaign for better adult care services and the provision of sheltered housing;

I will fight to stop the bedroom tax;

I will campaign to limit housing development to brown field sites;

I will fight to improve the education of our children in Telford;

I will encourage businesses to create jobs in Telford;

I will be available to listen to your problems and assist you to overcome them."

Ian Phillip Croll (Liberal Democrats) - awaiting response


Peter Robert Hawkins (Green Party):

  • "Press for a minimum wage of £10 by 2020, ban zero hours contracts

  • Support investment in the renewable energy and home insulation sectors to create thousands of jobs, cut bills, and reduce CO2 emissions

  • Scrap university tuition fees and bedroom tax

  • Ban fracking

  • Support private and public investment in apprenticeships

  • Tackle the housing crisis by building social housing

  • Support a micro-tax on financial transactions, a wealth tax on individuals with assets of more than £3m and crackdown on tax dodging to support public services and tackle inequality

  • Protect the NHS from profit-making ventures

  • Bring railways back into public hands."


David Wright (Labour):

"I will fight for full 24 hour Accident & Emergency Services at Princess Royal Hospital. I will continue to be a full-time MP with no outside, business income, maintain a full-time constituency office and hold regular advice surgeries.

I will work with the council to promote Telford and bring new businesses to the town and improve wages & skills. I will continue to speak up for the needs of pensioners to ensure dignity for everyone in retirement. I will make young people a priority and focus on their education, career and housing needs."


Wrekin constituency:

Cath Edwards (Green Party) - awaiting response


Katrina Gilman (Labour):

"As a full time MP I will be striving for a brighter future for all in The Wrekin, pursuing policies which meet hopes and resolve concerns.

Policies which include:

  • Access to first class medical care at PRH and GPs, affordable childcare, effective education and gold standard apprenticeships.

  • Support for small businesses and employers who provide quality jobs.

  • Economical and energy efficient homes, free from the unfair bedroom tax.

  • Safe streets and green spaces within communities.

  • A growing economy, where benefits and costs are shared and where migrants who contribute are welcomed."


Rod Keyes (Liberal Democrats):

"I will be a full time unsponsored MP.

I will give straight honest answers without spin and will not use jargon or meaningless or misleading statistics.

I will campaign for a simplified and streamlined tax and benefit system comprehensible to all.

I will fight for a moratorium on any hospital or department closure until a full independent review can be completed.

I would campaign to eradicate the postcode lottery for some drug and care provision across the UK.

I would explore an initiative with the pharmaceutical industry to bring urgently needed drugs to market at affordable prices."


Mark Andrew Pritchard (Conservatives) - awaiting response


Jill Seymour (Ukip):

  • "Fight against any new developments on our green spaces

  • Campaign to save The Clifton in Wellington so it can be used in our community

  • Protect A&E services and scrap parking charges at the Princess Royal Hospital

  • Be open, transparent and listen to concerns in regular surgeries

  • Campaign for better high-speed broadband across The Wrekin

  • Protect the provision of care for vulnerable people in our society

  • Speak up for businesses that suffer excessive legislation and high rates

  • Speak out against the bedroom tax at every opportunity

  • Encourage businesses to take on more apprentices"


Shrewsbury & Atcham constituency:

Emma Catherine Mary Bullard (Green Party):

"The Green Party would:

  • Invest in public services and create good jobs. Make the minimum wage £10 by 2020.

  • Keep the NHS free at the point of use including prescriptions and dentistry

  • Bring the railways back into public hands

  • Ban fracking and oppose nuclear power

  • Get rid of student tuition fees and the bedroom tax

  • Make big business and rich individuals pay their taxes

  • Support renewable energy and insulate 9 million homes

  • Provide 500,000 new social homes by 2020

  • Give free social care to people over 65

  • Take urgent action on climate change

Vote Green for the common good."


Laura Louisa Davies (Labour):-

"If elected as your MP on May 7th, I will represent a party that stands for fairness, equality, opportunity and justice. I'm proud that Labour's manifesto has a fully-costed plan that centres around building an economic recovery that is fair to everyone.

I will bring real-life experience to parliament. I will work hard to deliver sustainable, evidence-based and economically credible policies and I'm not going to blindly toe the party line - Shrewsbury needs an MP who can think for themselves; who will work hard to represent Shrewsbury in Parliament with determination, energy and individuality, and that is who I am."


Suzanne Elizabeth Evans (Ukip):

  • Keep A&E at the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital

  • Stop concreting over Shrophire’s green fields

  • Australian-style points system to control immigration

  • Leave the EU so we are governed by Parliament, not EU bureaucrats

  • Cut taxes and end tax on the minimum wage

  • Abolish inheritance tax, bedroom tax and mansion tax

  • Free NHS with an extra £12 billion spent on 20,000 more nurses, 8,000 more GPs, 3,000 more midwives and better mental health services

  • £1.2 billion annually more into elderly and disabled care

  • Spend 2% of GDP on Defence; build a military hospital; eight hostels and 500 affordable rent homes for homeless veterans


Daniel Robert Kawczynski (Conservatives):

"I want to continue to create jobs, growth and prosperity. Since 2010 unemployment in Shrewsbury has halved, and I will continue to support local businesses and apprenticeships so that we can grow the economy to fund vital public services.

My top priority is to continue to fight for fairer health and education funding and improves services. I will fight to retain our A&E services at the RSH.

It is important to invest in our infrastructure, improving road and rail links as well as investing to improve mobile connectivity and broadband in the county, and to provide ongoing advice and support for constituents."


Stirling McDonald McNeillie (Children of the Atom) :

"When a vote is cast, it is a vote for the future, a vote of hope, a vote of ambition. I urge voters to think very carefully. Is a vote for the same old system really going to change anything for the better? Should we not be brave? Should we not seek something better?

Children of the Atom are serious about eliminating poverty, about equality of opportunity, about green living and working, about ethical free market capitalism and protecting our planet from damaging population growth. If you really want a better future, do something extraordinary. Vote Children of the Atom."

Christine Mary Tinker (Liberal Democrats) - awaiting response

Ludlow constituency:

Charlotte Ann Barnes (Liberal Democrats):

"Everybody in Ludlow constituency deserves fair and equal opportunities whether you are a small child who is entering into childcare for the first time, starting school, or a young adult you deserve a good free education to be able to gain skilled employment. People of working age should have the opportunity for somewhere affordable to live and work. The elderly and the vulnerable should be treated with dignity and respect.

With health we need to treat mental wellbeing and physical wellbeing equally. With the Liberal Democrats you will get a stronger economy and a fairer society. Ludlow constituency is fantastic but together we can make it better."


Philip Martin Dunne (Conservatives):

"My priorities for the Ludlow Constituency are:

  • Backing local business to grow and create quality secure jobs; raising the personal allowance to £12,500, taking lower earners out of Income Tax

  • Fighting for fairer funding for our rural schools, more apprenticeship opportunities and a new University in Shrewsbury

  • Working to secure quality healthcare, including campaigning for Urgent Care Centres in our local community hospitals and more effective GP access and ambulance cover

  • Campaigning to improve broadband and mobile connectivity

  • Standing up for pensioners to ensure a fair state pension, capping care costs and reforming savings.

To ensure all this, we need a strong and growing economy under a Conservative majority Government."


David Joseph Kelly (Ukip) - awaiting response

Janet Helen Phillips (Green Party) - awaiting response

Simon Clive Slater (Labour) - awaiting response

North Shropshire constituency:

Andrea Christabel Allen (Ukip) - awaiting response


Graeme Roger Currie (Labour):

"My pledges to the people of North Shropshire:

  • Put the needs of North Shropshire residents first, protecting our environment and opposing Fracking plans here

  • Fight to retain local A&E services and for improved access to community health services across all of our area

  • Help families overcome the high cost of living by tackling low pay and job insecurity and extending free childcare for working parents

  • Support small businesses, local retailers and be a voice for our rural community

  • Campaign to reverse cuts in the Youth Service and services for Older People and those with Disabilities in our area"


Duncan Kerr (Green Party):

"Living in Oswestry, I am a father; serve as a local Councillor; manage the Hermon Chapel Arts Centre and work as a Children's Social Worker. Before this I worked in Local Government with 5 years as a Chief Executive.

By supporting me on May 7th you can have a powerful, independently-minded advocate and a party who will:

  • Ban fracking.

  • Oppose cuts to public services, instead cutting Trident, and HS2 and increasing the minimum wage. rovide free social care for the elderly and end tuition fees. Invest in renewables and restore railways to public ownership.

Vote for the Common Good, Vote Green Party."


Owen William Paterson (Conservative) - awaiting response

Tom Thornhill (Liberal Democrats) - awaiting response

Montgomeryshire constituency:

Richard Chaloner (Green Party) - awaiting response


Glyn Davies (Conservatives):

"I stand for a strong British defence, within NATO, to keep us safe from external threat.

I stand for a strong British economy, living within our means, not piling more debt for our children and their children to repay. Only with a strong economy, can we afford the public services we all value.

I stand for policy which protects the world's environment, protecting our landscapes and valuing the natural world.

I stand for best possible access to hospital treatment for Montgomeryshire patients.

I stand for giving the British people a referendum on whether to continue membership of the European Union."


Jane Dodds (Liberal Democrat):

"My number one issue will be to fight for better health services in Montgomeryshire.

I am determined to secure an Urgent Care Centre to support patients closer to home.

I want to increase jobs and apprenticeships. Ensuring farmers get the appropriate support they need is essential. I want to cut taxes for low and middle come earners.

I will continue to fight for record breaking rises in pensions to support older people.

I have the energy and commitment to change things, and having worked in the public sector for 21 years, I want us to have a fairer society, with a stronger economy, and

an opportunity for all."


Ann Griffith (Plaid Cymru) - awaiting response

Des Parkinson (Ukip) - awaiting response

Martyn Singleton (Labour) - awaiting response

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