Watch: Shropshire paranormal investigator's spooky doll video 'can make you ill'

It stars a creepy-looking doll and a paranormal investigator from Shropshire – and now it has become an internet sensation.

Watch: Shropshire paranormal investigator's spooky doll video 'can make you ill'

The video of Peggy the haunted doll has gone viral across the world – but apparently watching it has caused up to 80 viewers to suffer chest pains, nausea or crippling headaches.

Paranormal investigator Jayne Harris, based in Shrewsbury, said she has received an influx of messages from people describing various aliments after viewing photos and videos of Peggy, who she believed to be possessed with an evil spirit.

One woman even claimed to have suffered an alleged heart attack after watching a video of Mrs Harris and Peggy.

"If I had to guess, I'd say close to 80 people have came forward with experiences," said Mrs Harris, who has been studying spirit attachment since the death of her cousin Kelly in 2000.

"Some are small, like computer screens freezing, sharp headaches or a sense of dread, but others are more disturbing. One lady said that when she opened a photograph of Peggy, her computer froze and the room went cold.

"She then said she felt someone in the room with her and could hear them moving around.This lady was messaging me at the time via Facebook asking me to quickly advise her on what to do.

"I took Peggy down into an isolation area and requested that she cease her tormenting. Apparently everything returned to normal."

Mrs Harris added: "Another lady said she had been experiencing light bulbs blowing and a presence in her home after she had been speaking about Peggy."

Mrs Harris, who has herself experienced migraines and feeling drained after working with Peggy, said she has never seen a case of this intensity before.

She runs an organisation called Haunted Dolls and often gets items in the post with no prior background. Mrs Harris uses an array of gadgets and experiments to piece together the puzzles surrounding them. Peggy was sent to her recently after her previous owner reported a series of terrifying nightmares. "She'd wake feeling hot and shaken," Mrs Harris said.

"No matter where she moved the doll to in her home, the nightmares persisted. She apparently sought the help of a local priest but two visits later and there was no change.

"In September she became quite ill with a fever and began suffering hallucinations.

"When she recovered, she saw no other option but to get rid of the doll as she was convinced it was at the centre of what had been happening.

"I think she Googled haunted dolls and came upon our website. She didn't want us to go to her home to conduct experiments as we usually would, but instead sent the doll to us."

There is still a shroud of mystery surrounding Peggy's religion, according to Mrs Harris, but she appears to have an aversion to a crucifix necklace she was previously made to wear.

It is thought Peggy is possessed by the spirit of a woman born in 1946 in London's Holland Park who died of a chest-related condition – possibly an asthma attack – and dislikes clowns.

Four different psychic mediums have 'read' Peggy, all invariably picking up that she is restless, frustrated and was persecuted in life.

"We have been told she can affect people's dreams," Mrs Harris added.

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