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Oswestry 20mph speed campaigners set to spread their message

Safety campaigners will take their message that 20mph is plenty into Oswestry schools and community groups in a bid to bring in a blanket speed limit across the town.


Members of the 20's Plenty for Oswestry group are spreading the word across the community as they bid to make the town the first in Shropshire to have 20mph speed limits for all roads inside its boundaries.

Enthusiasts behind the appeal have already gained the support of West Mercia Police, Oswestry Town Council and scores of town businesses and residents.

About 10 people attended the campaign group's first official meeting on Monday to discuss ways to develop the appeal further. Campaign organiser Sarah-Charlotte Peace said the meeting was a success and that one new strategy will be to contact schools and Shropshire councillors in the town to outline the safety proposal.

It comes after a new survey of 25,000 motorists by the AA found almost 70 per cent of drivers think people should be consulted before 20mph speed limits are imposed on their street.

The 20's Plenty for Oswestry group was formed after a public meeting was held in the town in March.

There are 20mph speed limits on streets in town's throughout Shropshire, including High Street in Newport, The Wharfage in Ironbridge and several roads inside the river loop in Shrewsbury. But no town currently has a blanket 20mph speed limit for all of its streets.

Mrs Peace said: "We will be contacting the schools as well as other groups and services to spread the message.

"There are so many new safety campaigns being launched throughout the UK and we want Oswestry to be at the forefront.

"Oswestry Town Council wants it, Oswestry residents, commuters, business owners want it and West Mercia Police supports it.

"Surveys show 72 per cent of UK residents want it where they live and they are well over 200 local campaigns across the UK.

"Together we can act efficiently to make 20's Plenty happen for Oswestry.

"About 10 people attended the meeting but we know we have a core of about 20 people who will be helping progress the idea.

"We put together plans on what we have to do next to take the campaign further. We each have our little jobs to get on with and we will all be working hard to take it forward."

More than half of the 24,351 AA members surveyed across Britain said drivers' views should be sought if 20mph zones are introduced in local areas through which they travel.

Just under a third of those surveyed said 20mph limits in built-up areas offered such a great road safety benefit that residents' views did not have to be taken into account.

AA president Edmund King said: "The AA supports the setting up of 20mph speed limits where residents along those roads want them.

"The need for local democratic approval, at street level, is clearly affirmed by this survey."

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