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Video: Whitchurch farmer's tractor 'tsunami' sparks row

It looks more like scene from a disaster movie. But this giant wave was caused by a young farmer from Whitchurch who thought it was a good idea to drive his tractor through a flooded road.

The vehicle creates a giant wave as it hits the water
The tractor approaches a flooded road in Whitchurch
The driver is safe but the prank has been met with anger

In a video that has spread across social media, the youngster is seen approaching the water which has flooded the road underneath the railway bridge at Waymills in Whitchurch.

Travelling at speed the driver goes straight through the water creating a huge wave. His friend narrowly avoids getting soaked as he tries to capture it all on video. The friends are then heard laughing with the area drenched in water.

But today the prank was met with anger by civic leaders in the town who described the youngsters as irresponsible.

Mayor of Whitchurch Councillor Rob Hewson said: "It's about time the lads that drove that tractor grew up. You cannot behave like that on a well-used road. I think they are very irresponsible and very childish. Anything could have happened.

"They could have skidded and gone into the bridge or they could have gone under the bridge and completely lost control.

"The size of the wave it caused was incredible. If you drive at that speed in that amount of water you are never in control. I don't know why thy decided to do it, it's disgusting behaviour."

Peggy Mullock, Shropshire councillor for Whitchurch North, said: "I just hope they haven't done any damage to the area surrounding the bridge. The splash the tractor made is incredible. Surely there is a better way for these youngsters to spend their time. There must be a better way to clean your tractor."

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