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Man paradise - Dave's dream shed, complete with snooker, darts and beer. . .

A certain brand of lager doesn't make sheds, but if it did, those sheds would probably be a lot like Dave Evans'.

Wait until you see what’s inside – Dave Evans takes a break outside his garden shed – Cue Gardens – in?Telford

For Mr Evans' shed is a man's paradise complete with full size snooker table, dart board and fridge stocked with beer.

He bought the snooker table eight years ago when his old club, in Hadley, decided to get rid of it.

It then spent six years in his garage before Mr Evans finally decided to take the plunge and build his dream shed at the bottom of his garden near Wellington.

He now has a 21ft by 15ft shed and, according to snooker experts, that is the perfect space to house a 12ft by 6ft table.

He said: "I had the opportunity to buy the table from the local club I used to play in and it had been in the garage for a while.

"I had the shed built especially for the table about two years ago."

He now invites his friends round every Thursday night to play snooker and drink beer.

He said: "I have a few people round and we play a few frames and have a chat and a few drinks.

"It's a lot easier, we can play snooker and it saves us having to pay over the odds for a beer down the pub.

"We just have a few people round and get a few tinnies in and that's it.

"Everyone thinks it's brilliant. My wife isn't a big fan of it, though but at least she knows where I am."

Mr Evans, who is a part-time maths teacher Concord College, said he bought the table from the club on the off chance.

He said: "I was in there with my father-in-law and they were going to get rid of it and the person who agreed to buy it off them had let them down, so I thought, well I'll have that."

As an extra bonus, he now plays on a cloth that has been played on by six-times world champion Steve Davis.

He said: "To get the table from the club to my house we had to take it apart, which was a nightmare; there was five slabs of slate underneath.

"When we got it into the shed I thought I would have it put together by a professional.

"As he was putting it together he noticed that the cloth was a bit old. It had been in my garage for about six years.

"The cloth from the club was a bit tattered and it had spent a while in the garage.

"On the off chance, he told me he had got a spare second-hand cloth in the back of his van.

"When he was putting it on he told me it had been played on at a exhibition event the week before, and that Steve Davis had played on it, so that was a bit of a bonus."

The shed also features an impressive darts board

The 59-year-old said his wife was not a big fan of it, but she said she has to put up with it now it is there.

His wife Mal said: "He bought the table for a couple of hundred pounds, I think.

"He had the shed made especially for the snooker table.

"We had to have foundations put in for it which were also wooden.

"I wasn't very impressed when we had it but it's there now and there is not much I can do about it." Mr Evans has also had a bit of fun with the name of the shed.

He said: "We were thinking about something to name it and we came up with two cracking puns.

"At first we thought of 'Potting Shed' but in the end we went with 'Cue Gardens.I've even bought a sign to put up in there with the name on."

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