Letter: Protest needed against wind turbines

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I see that Welshpool Town Clerk Robert Robinson is going to conduct a survey in the caravan sites and hotels of Montgomeryshire, to find out if visitors to the county support wind turbines, or wind generators, to describe them more correctly.

He is quoted as saying 'to simply argue that wind farms will have a negative effect on tourism is not enough any longer, we must be able to prove it!'.

How is he going to prove that with a questionnaire, when neither the townies he questions, or local people, will have seen the 400ft and 475ft wind generators that will be coming, because they do not currently exist in Wales?

Visitors will be duped into thinking that the proposed new 'turbines', are the same size as the 'toys' already in the county.

Most of the latter are a mere 150ft in height, or the size of Nelson's Column.

The 300 or so being applied for in the five applications, will be 400ft or 475ft high; up to treble the height of existing ones.

And to give some idea of what that looks like, 475ft is only 50ft shorter than Blackpool Tower, with blades that are longer than complete wind turbines currently seen in Montgomeryshire.

The people of the whole of Powys, as well as Denbighshire, Flintshire, Gwynedd and the rest of Wales, plus Shropshire and Cheshire, all need to protest urgently and vociferously against this disgusting desecration of one of Wales's finest old counties.

Some visitors will, through sheer ignorance, support wind generators, but when the truth dawns on them later on, they will hitch their caravans and leave.


L J Jenkins

Cardigan Island Coastal

Farm Park

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