Presenter Jim Hawkins apologises over dullard tweet

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A BBC Radio Shropshire presenter has apologised to his Twitter followers and a radio forum after calling some of his station's listeners 'dullard regulars'.

The BBC Radio Forum said remarks made by Jim Hawkins on his personal Twitter account had left listeners 'hurt and angry', and a BBC spokesman said today the comment was 'unacceptable'.

He said Mr Hawkins had been 'reminded of his responsibilities when using social media'.

He made the remarks on Sunday in response to a thread on the forum's website, in which it was suggested the nationwide Mark Forrest evening show which has replaced local programming would result in more people migrating to commercial stations.

In response to a BBC Radio Forum tweet, which said 'The migration has started', and provided a link to the discussion on the organisation's website, Mr Hawkins said: "If it means the dullard regulars go elsewhere, then YAY!"

Tamsin Vincent, a co-administrator of the BBC Radio Forum, said: "His Twitter account and our forum are public places and to call his regular listeners dullards and hoping that they go away is offensive.

"We have already had a considerable reaction to the forum, listeners are hurt and angry."

A BBC spokesman said: "Jim Hawkins regrets his comment which was made in the heat of the moment and is not a view shared by the BBC.

"The comment was made on his personal Twitter account, where he has posted an apology. His remark was unacceptable and he has been reminded of his responsibilities when using social media."

After the BBC was contacted by the Shropshire Star on Thursday in regard to the remarks, Mr Hawkins apologised on his Twitter account, saying: "I'm sorry. In some recent tweets, I haven't shown people the respect they deserve. That was wrong. Whether or not I meant you, I apologise."

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