Ten Things You Can Do With A Broken Washing Machine

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When a washing machine finally pops its clogs, most people's initial thought is to go and source a new one.

Some however choose to apply a variety of new uses to their previous model – but what exactly can you do with a broken washing machine?

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Washing machine BBQ

Having a BBQ is one thing; having a BBQ using a washing machine drum is quite something else! Although this may sound quite surreal, there are in fact a certain number of individuals taking to this form of culinary action.

A washing machine drum is in fact a great alternative to both a chiminea and a BBQ, allowing the user to spin their food whilst they cook it!

A new home for your shrubs

Removing the spinning tubs inside of a broken washing machine will in fact allow you with space to plant a variety of shrubs. This is certainly one way to get the most out of your overused drum.

Fashioning a new line of furniture


The concept of turning something old into something new is becoming increasingly popular as we become more environmentally friendly. This is exactly what the UK Eco-Design company 'Reestore' proposed to the hit TV show, Dragon's Den. They now host a business, which fashions discarded appliances into trendy pieces of furniture.

A new home

You often hear stories of animals being trapped in washers but one man went one step further and decided to fashion an old washing machine into a permanent home for his beloved cat.

Keeping cool


A washing drum has more uses than you may think, one of them being an oversized ice cube bucket for a hot summer's day. This is a great idea for those that intend to throw a large garden party.

Firing it up

One way to keep warm on those chilly winter nights is to create your very own fire pit. Simply surround an old drum with a stone wall and fill it with firewood. The air flowing through the holes will allow the fire to stay strong, allowing you to toast a few marshmallows in the meanwhile.

As a form of entertainment

A man that found himself a little bored on a summer's afternoon decided to see what would happen if he washed not clothes but a brick in an old washing machine. The end result was a broken washing machine that was a serious source of amusement.

Seeing through a new light

A washing machine tends to have an endless number of uses, one of them being to use the glass door as a retro bowl or port hole-style window.

A new slate

The door or lid of an old washing machine doubles up as a great white board. Simply hang it up in the garage or kitchen and jot down as many memos as you wish!

Dirty laundry

Most people are used to putting their dirty laundry into the washing machine to get it clean but a broken washing machine's drum can be utilised as a great laundry basket. The best thing about such a device? The kids certainly won't forget where dirty clothes go!

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