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A new book based on the musing of two Shropshire women who met up for a glass of wine and a moan about men is being published next month.

Angela Savchenko, left, and Sue Hedges from Moan About MenA new book based on the musing of two Shropshire women who met up for a glass of wine and a moan about men is being published next month.

Sue Hedges and Angie Savchenko, both from Telford, set up the website forum and women-only debate website last year.

The immediate success of the site sparked interest from publishers, with the resulting Moan About Men - a joyful guide to the things men do which drive women mad.

Sue said: "We are absolutely delighted. They publish authors such as Penny Vincenzi, Wendy Holden and Martina Cole.

"They are part of the massive Hodder group so it was great news for us that they were interested in our idea and wanted to publish a book called Moan About Men.

"The pitch was great - it proposed that the book was written by author Juliana Foster, using the Moanaboutmen website as a basis for a words-led rant about the things that women find universally irritating about men.

"Obviously this is a very exciting time for us. We have been to London and met the publisher and author and we have seen a couple of chapters of the work.

"Most of the moaning is humourous and light-hearted. But the forum is also a place where women are coming together for a girlie chat and making new friends."


Moan about Men is available to pre-order.

The website sprang to prominence when Sue and Angela were runners-up in Star Idea at Shropshire Business Awards in 2007.

Ten most irritating male habits:

  1. Why is it they can load the washing machine but never think to empty it?
  2. Men complain they can't find something. When you find it under their side of the bed, they want to know why you took it in the first place.
  3. Why do they never mind washing and vacuuming their cars but never think to do the same for the house?
  4. You can spend the week running up to your wedding anniversary dropping hints, but they still don't remember.
  5. Why are men incapable of putting the toilet seat down? It takes seconds...
  6. Men make themselves a sandwich and expect congratulations for putting their plate in the sink. They never think to wipe down the crumbs and wash the plate.
  7. Men need to be told when the bin needs emptying even though they just put something in it and it fell out because it's full.
  8. You can't come between men and their barbecues - so why are they nowhere to be found if there is cooking being done indoors?
  9. Men won't ask for directions and then blame the SatNav if they make a wrong turn.
  10. You move the washing basket so every male in the house must walk past it. But they still leave pants and socks on top instead of lifting the lid and putting them inside.

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