Happy Halloween: We so love to be scared. . .

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1. Ghost hunts and tours. After dark, head to your local streets and search for spooks and spectres with tales of their grisly demise. Watch out for the shadows.

2. Spooky stories. Get the girls round and exchange terrifying tales of tortured souls and haunted houses to really freak yourselves out.

3. Ouija board. They say you shouldn’t mess with what’s beyond the grave but it’s tempting to hold a seance with your besties and see if there’s anybody there. But what if it says ‘yes’? . .

4. Grave adventure. There’s nowhere spookier than a cemetery and taking a trip at dusk to see the eerie headstones can really notch up the fear factor.

5. Night visit. It’s not just churchyards that can send shivers down your spine, old stately homes, castle ruins or forests are all super scary after dark. Take your mates and tell tales to really make you jump.

6. Spooky experiences. There are loads of places that offer shocking encounters. Escape Live in Birmingham hosts different ‘games’ to play with friends.

7. Fancy dress. ‘Tis the Halloween season so dress up in your spookiest clobber with fake blood, vampy make-up and menacing masks.

8. Ghost train. No trip to the fair is complete without a cheesy jaunt on the ghost train. Cue devilish laughs, dangly spiders webs and things that go bump in the night.

9. Scary movies. The best way to give you thrills and chills is to turn out the lights, grab a cushion to hide behind and watch a horror film. Don’t forget to lock the door though. . .

10. Psychic evening. Curious about psychics being able to talk to the dead? See if they can get in touch with someone dearly departed and ask something they couldn’t possibly guess. We want to believe. . .


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