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Tickets fly for Jonathan Pie's pre-tour warm-up comedy gig in Telford

Tickets are selling fast for spoof presenter Jonathan Pie's pre-tour Telford show.

Jonathan Pie, played by Tom Walker

The motormouth newsreader Jonathan Pie, portrayed by comedian Tom Walker, announced a pre-tour warm-up gig in Telford less than a month ago.

Known for venting his political frustrations on the web, the comedian is preparing to launch his Heroes and Villain's UK tour early next year.

But before he heads out on his grand tour, the viral sensation is set to take to the stage at Telford Theatre on Monday, January 22 - and tickets are selling fast.

Pie has been touring since his viral success in 2006, selling out venues including the Hammersmith Apollo and the London Palladium, with impressionist Rory Bremner dubbing the act "the most important satirical creation since Partridge".

As well as achieving viral fame for his YouTube videos, the star has created a series of short films that see him get riled up about topics such as climate change and Brexit.

According to promoters, his latest tour 'Heroes and Villains' will see the spoof presenter take to the stage "with his weapons grade takedowns of the people in charge and the state of the nation".

The tour is said to be a celebration of the UK's heroes, "nurses/Gary Lineker/24 hour off-licence proprietors", and villains, "the Tories/cyclists".

On the tour announcement, the comedian said: "Join me and marvel in wonder as I kick The Establishment's back doors in and rifle through its kitchen cupboards."

Tickets for the Telford 'work in progress' gig are available online at