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From misfit knights to furious Frenchmen, Spamalot had the audience belly-laughing throughout the entire performance.

Ripped-off from the 1975 film Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Spamalot told the fans at Shrewsbury’s Theatre Severn the tongue-in-cheek tale of King Arthur and his Knights of The Round Table as they embarked on a mission to locate The Holy Grail.

As the curtains were pulled up, the show began with small acts of humour to make the audience chuckle which slowly built as the performance went on until the audience was constantly laughing - to the point where the actors had to pause until they could say their next lines.

There was dancing, faultless singing and acting which never missed a beat - apart from one moment when the actors became caught up in the moment and struggled to keep a straight face.

Spamalot at Shrewsbury Theatre Severn

The actors seemed to have endless energy and the time flew by as the fast-paced story and continuous gags hit the crowd.

Theatre-goers got up-close and personal with the actors in an unusual way as at one point a number stumbled across the aisles, over their laps as they squeezed their way through, armour and all.

Donald Trump, Harry Potter and Gandalf also made a quick appearance to round the show off.

The show was personalised in a number of ways, not only was Shrewsbury name-dropped but so was Charles Darwin and Joe Hart.


Spamalot was a feel-good easy-to-watch show which had the audience laughing away all evening.

It ended with the crowd on their feet singing and clapping to Always Look on the Bright Side is Life.

Spamalot will be performed daily at the Theatre Severn until Saturday.

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Jordan Reynolds

By Jordan Reynolds
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