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Corsets and curiosity at Shrewsbury Steampunk Spectacular - WATCH

Dressed in their Victorian finery, with corsets, fitted jackets and monocles, steampunk enthusiasts put on a spectacle in Shrewsbury this weekend.

Pip Bayley, host of Art Squad Anarchy, at the Shrewsbury Steampunk Spectacular

A curiously fantastical sub-culture, steampunk inspires some of the most creative costume and artistic expression on the planet.

WATCH the Steampunk Spectacular in Shrewsbury:

The hub for the Shrewsbury Steampunk Spectacular was St Mary’s Church, where belly dancers, in flowing skirts and top hats, brought an extravagant flavour to the proceedings.

Steampunk incorporates aesthetic designs inspired by 19th-century steam-powered machinery with Victorian high fashion and the influences of both the American wild west and burlesque theatre.

There were dancers, magicians and musicians to delight the crowds with steampunk entertainment and Coleham Pumping Station was shown off to all its steam-filled splendour.

Shoppers on the town's Pride Hill caught sight of beribboned enthusiasts as they made their way from walking tours to a costume parade.

Even Charles Darwin got in on the act as visitors arrived to explore his former school and steampunk dressed librarians were giving tours of the Shrewsbury Library.

Workshops were held in St Mary’s Church, offering families the chance to try out and make musical instruments from scrap metal.

On Saturday evening, The Buttermarket Cellars hosted the best in steampunk music and entertainment.

Headlining the shindig was Captain of The Lost Waves who was joined by Miss Sylvia Sceptre, Lady Violet Hugh, LM Cooke Music and David Brinkworth and the Pit. Shrewsbury-based Art Squad Anarchy compered the evening.

The event was continuing around the town centre on Sunday.