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Sarah Millican is hot property these days. There wasn’t a seat left empty in the house for her show at Shrewsbury’s Theatre Severn.

Sarah Millican

This show sold out months ago - and people travel from far and wide to see her.

The crowd were clearly up for it too - in the opening exchanges even Kidderminster got a massive cheer from one member of the audience (and no, even though I’m from the Wyre Forest area, it wasn’t from me). According to Sarah that’s never happened before…

So what’s the appeal? Well, she’s just a wonderfully normal person - with a wickedly depraved side to boot.

If you are fortunate enough to get your hands on a ticket for her Control Enthusiast tour, be prepared to strap in.

What comes is - for a bloke like me - a somewhat enlightening education into the travails of life as a woman. There’s not much held back.

In one evening I learned about the trials and pitfalls of bra fittings, the various - and not especially subtle - techniques used by people to woo their partners into bed and the things dogs use as cushions when they sleep in your bed.

She shared some of these techniques that she had learned from audience members on previous tour dates. Apparently locking your dog in a crate is the signal for a good time for one couple out there.

I really can’t go into much more detail of what Sarah shared - this is a family newspaper. But with her down to earth personality, the audience can relate to so much of what Sarah is saying - her reactions to bad drivers trying to jump queues being a case in point.


Sarah isn’t afraid to share things she feels vulnerable about. Unlike other big name stars she doesn’t put herself on some sort of pedestal - she’s a normal person like the rest of us, and it really adds something to her act.

Towards the end she shared a list of things she has started to say no to. It’s clearly something that has empowered her - and there’s a lesson in there for all of us.

She was ably assisted by warm up act Andy Robinson, who again was refreshingly laid back and down to earth. Despite having a few jokes fall flat he didn’t let that deter him and came up with a few crackers out of nowhere.

Sarah will be back in the region on Wednesday to perform at Stafford’s Gatehouse Theatre. And yes, you’ve guessed it, it’s sold out.

Peter Kitchen

By Peter Kitchen
Content Manager - @pkitchen_Star


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