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Australian bombshells send two islanders home in dramatic double dumping

Six islanders found themselves at risk of being dumped.

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Haris Namani and Anna-May Robey have been dumped from the Love Island villa.

The TV salesman from Doncaster and payroll administrator from Swansea were both in tears after being ejected from the ITV2 reality dating show.

It comes after Australian bombshells Jessie Wynter and Aaron Waters were tasked with deciding which of their Love Island contestants to send home.

Six islanders found themselves at risk of being dumped after the public were given the chance to vote for their favourite male and female participants.

However it was 21-year-old Namani and Robey, 20, who were sent packing.

Namani said: “Tonight’s been a hard one to take. I had the best experience of my life but if it’s time it’s time. I couldn’t obviously find the right girl and find life but that doesn’t mean it stops here, I’ll still be looking for the girl and still looking to fall in love.”

Robey said: “I feel good because at least I’ve been true to myself the whole way through but I have had the experience of a lifetime.”

It comes after personal trainer and influencer Jessie, 26, and model and content creator Aaron, 25, were told they had to choose one girl and one boy to send home from those who came out least popular in the public vote.

The vulnerable girls at risk of being dumped included Tanya Manhenga and Tanyel Revan, while the boys at risk were Kai Fagan and Tom Clare.

Ahead of making her decision with Aaron, Jessie whispered to the islanders “love you guys” before the pair walked across the garden to discuss their options.

The pair, both of whom have appeared on previous seasons of Love Island Australia before landing a spot on the UK show, appeared to struggle to make their decision, as when talking about Namani, Jessie said: “He’s like one of my best friends in here.”

Elsewhere in Wednesday’s episode, Aaron attempted to mix things up in the South African villa after setting his sights on model and property developer Zara.

As the pair were catching up in the gym, Aaron asked 25-year-old Zara – who is currently coupled up with 23-year-old semi-pro footballer Tom – if she is open to getting to know him.

Zara replied: “I am yeah, I think we get on really well,” to which Aaron agrees, saying: “Yeah I think so too.”

Zara added: “I don’t know if I’ve told you, but on the outside you’re more my type, looks wise, that I go for and what I’ve gone for in the past.”

Aaron admitted to Zara: “I think you’ve surprised me most out of everyone, obviously you’re very attractive.”

After the drama of the double dumping, the islanders were also treated to a Nineties-themed party, which caused a buzz in the villa.

Farmer and TikTok star Will Young received a text which read: “Islanders, it’s time to get fresh and look fierce as tonight you’re having a party #BackToThe90s #EatSleepPartyRepeat.”

As the islanders rushed to get ready in their Nineties-inspired outfits, airport security officer Shaq Muhammad said: “Nineties party in the villa, I’m absolutely buzzing.”

He added: “I’m gonna be bringing out all the moves tonight.”

Love Island continues on ITV2 and ITVX.

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