New book details experience of living in haunted Shropshire house

An investigate journalist is lifting the (coffin) lid on 'the most haunted house in Whitchurch' in a new book.

Plympton Cottage in Whitchurch. Pic: Google Street View
Plympton Cottage in Whitchurch. Pic: Google Street View

Nic Outterside said his family was haunted before and after they moved to Plympton Cottage in Whitchurch, and he has now published a book detailing his experiences there which included finding seven skeletons buried in the grounds.

Formerly a sceptic of ghost stories and things that go bump in the night, his strange experiences in a year and a half of living at the house pushed him to spend the next five years researching the spooky secrets of Plympton Cottage.

Mr Outterside said: "Until 2013 I did not believe in any so-called hereafter nor did I believe in ghosts or spirits.

“I had been an investigative newspaper journalist for more than 28 years and by the very nature of my work had to deal in hard proven facts.

“But all that changed when my family and I moved into Plympton Cottage at the foot of Tarporley Road in Whitchurch in June 2013.

Paranormal activity

“Even two weeks before we actually moved our furniture and belongings into the house, weird and unexplained things began to happen.

“Then from the moment my wife broke her leg in a hidden hole in the garden less than 20 minutes after the removal van arrived right up to the Christmas of that year, each day was potted with what I can only describe as paranormal activity.

“By chance on Monday, January 13, 2014 I discovered that seven unidentified skeletons had been found buried in the grounds of our home.

“The unexplained occurrences in the cottage did not cease, but now we began an investigation as to when the bodies were buried and what became of the skeletons, because no-one seemed to know.

“My book documents not only the 18 months we lived in Plympton Cottage but also the investigation which followed.

“The whole experience changed my way of thinking and believing entirely. Now I know there is something paranormal in our world which we do not yet understand and which I cannot begin to explain."

Bones – the Mystery of Plympton Cottage is now available from Amazon. A formal book launch is to be arranged.

The book will also be available from selected independent book shops and by direct mail order in January 2020.

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