People are revealing the hilarious names they’ve given their Spotify playlists

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Would you have a lot of explaining to do if somebody found all of your playlists?

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Most people wouldn’t be embarrassed in the slightest of their “running”, “chill” or “party” music mixes … but what if your favourite artist found out they were on your “angsty white men rock” playlist?

Artist Marty G pointed out that Spotify musicians can tell when they have been added to a playlist (unless it’s set to private), saying the revelation sparked “unadulterated terror”.

They later added: “I doubt famous artists actually check on this tbh.”

The tweet calling out Spotify users’ reckless playlist-naming reached more than 14,000 likes on the website, indicating that there are a lot of hilarious mixes out there.

Here are some of the funniest responses to the viral tweet, which might just inspire you to rename some of your more embarrassing playlists.

1. This playlist is not exactly complimentary…


2. Oh dear.

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3. This motivational work-out playlist.

4. Unfortunately Toto might know about this.

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5. This awkwardly-illustrated mix.

6. This person was added to a very mystical playlist.

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7. Some artists are probably very thankful for their playlists.

8. Lastly, The Mamas and The Papas might be shocked.

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Spotify said: “Artists can indeed see the playlists that feature their music (be it editorial or listener-created).

“For a playlist to appear on your Playlists page in Spotify for Artists, your music needs at least two listeners from that playlist. We also only show the top 100 playlists per type, ordered by listeners of your music from that playlist.”

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