11 short sentences that could annoy any British person

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If you’re British, these little sentences might get your blood boiling.

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The British have a reputation for stiff upper lips, but there are a few things that can cause serious annoyance.

Reddit user Theodore__Smith wanted to know how to get any Brit’s blood boiling, asking the website for their annoying suggestions.

Here are 11 of the best examples, which if you’re British, might just irritate you.

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1. Try to keep calm.

2. How could anyone tolerate this disrespect?


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3. Any tea-drinker would oppose this.

4. The worst attempt at an accent.


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5. This might raise your heart rate.

6. Oh no.

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7. This untrue statement, which might not be so annoying to those outside of England.

8. The worst thing to hear on a commute.

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9. American spellings will set British people off.

10. No Brit would drink this.

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11. Lastly, this sentence might be dangerous to say in Scotland.

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