Watch this guy skate on the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool after it froze over

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As he found out later, he was breaking the rules.

(Kevin Mehren)

People have been skating on frozen bodies of water for years, but it’s not every day you see someone skating on a historical monument.

That’s exactly what Kevin Mehren, 28, from Lansing, Michigan did however when he found the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool in Washington frozen over.

Mehren literally got his skates on and climbed on top of the famous pool, and this is the result.

Indeed it’s not allowed. The National Mall and Memorial Parks posted to Facebook on January 6, saying: “Ice skating is not permitted on the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool per park regulations.

“Recently, a number of people attempting to skate or walk on the Reflecting Pool stepped through the ice. Fortunately, no one was injured, but hypothermia can set in quickly in these extremely cold conditions.”

The frozen Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool
(Kevin Mehren)

But it wasn’t all plain sailing – or skating.

“The ice was in rough condition though,” Mehren added. “The compacted snow from people walking on the ice had become ice itself, leading to a very rough and bumpy surface.”

For a smoother, and safer surface, there is a legitimate ice rink in the Sculpture Garden at the National Gallery of Art not far away, where hopefully nobody steps through the ice.

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