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Spring 2019

Production Info

Choreography by: Fernando Melo, Caroline Finn, Lee Johnston and Marcos Morau


Three Unique dances to amuse and amaze.


Fernando Melo

A journey of fleeting images; of appearance and disappearance.

Mirrors are used on stage to form a unique theatrical experience where the past and the present collide with a poetic & creative style of dance.



Caroline Finn

Delve into a world of ritual as an unlikely group gathers for a dinner party, where etiquette is put to the test. Curious choreography and characters are inspired by historical paintings.



Marcos Morau 

Nominee - UK Theatre Awards 2018

Tundra tears pages from the Russian history books on folk dance, mass parades and revolution, revitalising old ideas with renewed meaning. It’s as mesmerizingly beautiful as it is robotically precise

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