Valentine's Day: Top gifts for her - tried and tested

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After something for the lady in your life this Valentine's Day?

Top Valentine's Day gifts for her

We've tried and tested the below, to give you the best of options when it comes to gifts for your other half.

No matter the woman's age, there's bound to be something for her below:

Angela Langford Bloom & Glow facial oil - £20.50 -

5 out of 5

Angela Langford Bloom & Glow facial oil

This lovely little bottle of oil is a gorgeous gift.

Encased in a small, glass bottle with a pipette top, only a few drops are needed for the whole face.

It is very nourishing, and with a slight tint, makes the skin appear sun-kissed, while hydrating at the same time.


Be sure not to use too much, however, as it can build up. This would most certainly be the case were too much used on slightly oily skin.

This product is made from 100 per cent natural ingredients, including evening primrose, chia seed, rosehip, jojoba, chamomile, sea buckthorn, neroli and rose geranium.

It also contains Q10 and omega three.

Peaky Blinder spirits: spiced rum, Irish whisky and spiced gin (over 18s only) - £24.99 per bottle -


4.5 out of 5

Peaky Blinder spirits

Made at Sadler's in Lye, Stourbridge, each in this wonderful trio of spirits offer an excellent gift for a Peaky Blinders fan this Valentine's Day. Each of the bottles are 70cl and beautifully presented with a wax-dipped top. All of these are 40 per cent ABV.

The whisky is strong, but smooth - and though lovely on its own with ice, really excellent with a mixer.

The gin, meanwhile, is dry but bursting with juniper and other botanicals and spices. Delicious with tonic.

The spiced rum was without doubt our favourite, however - boasting a rich, dark rum flavour, with fruity notes of orange, nutmeg, vanilla and raisin. Delicious on its own, or with a mixer.

Angela Langford Thirsty Work cream - £37.50 -

5 out of 5

Angela Langford Thirsty Work cream

Made from 99 per cent natural ingredients, this facial cream is a luscious treat for the lady in your life.

Its name Thirtsy Work truly describes this ultra-intensive cream, ideal for dry skin.

Though seemingly a little pricey at £37.50 for 50ml, a little goes a very long way - even on my skin, which can get very dry.

This thick cream is also a true pleasure to use, with a delightful scent and indulgent feel.

Its ingredients include rosehip, raspberries, chia seeds, arctic blackcurrants, vitamins A and C, and Q10, with hyaluronic acid.

It also includes mandarin, frankincense, neroli, sandalwood, black pepper, carrot seed, rosewood and palmarosa.

With anti-ageing properties, this ideal for women of all ages.

Its small, slim bottle also makes it ideal to carry in a handbag.

Ghost Sweetheart Forever EDP - £27 for 30ml, £38 for 50ml -

5 out of 5

Ghost Sweetheart Forever EDP

This lively, floral perfurme is sweet without being sickly - and conjures up images of flower-filled fields on a sunny day.

A gorgeous scent for the spring, this eau de parfum is a wonderful present for the younger, to middle-aged woman - and though suitable for evening wear, best for daytime use.

Presented in a slim, cloudy clear to pink ombre bottle, this scent is excellent value, with a strong scent and brilliant staying power.

A gorgeous gift for the lady in your life, though admittedly a little pricey.

Ted Baker Ella EDP - £18 for 30ml or £30 for 100ml -

4 out of 5

Ted Baker Ella

Part of the Ted Baker Sweet Treats range, Ella is a sweet, yet dark and warm - and incredibly moreish.

It boasts top notes of bergamot and cassis with a heart of orange blossom, jasmine and rose.

Due to its fine balance in scents, this perfume is ideal for daytime or evening wear.

This lovely eau de parfum is wonderful for women of all ages, and a beautiful gift presented in a clear to balck ombre bottle, with a rose gold coloured top.

I would have liked this scent to be a little heavier and longer lasting, but it is still lovely all the same - and it's good value for money.

Hot Rocks Massage Stones gift set - £12.99 -

4 out of 5

Hot Rocks Massage Stones gift set

Turn your very own home into a relaxed spa getaway with this hot rocks set.

The set comes in a bamboo case with everything you need to create a relaxing, zen spa - including a set of rocks in a velvet bag, soothing candle and vanilla-scented incense sticks with a small holder.

For those who are not familiar with rock treatments, a small booklet is also included with the set that outlines the benefits of rock treatments, and how to safely use the rocks to relieve tensions in different areas of the body.

As someone who has never had a spa treatment, I found the set incredibly easy to use with the detailed yet small booklet and simple set. I suffer from upper back pain fairly regularly, and have found that this hot rocks set has helped alleviate the tensions that make me so uncomfortable.

The booklet details some oil treatments that can be done with the rocks, yet the set doesn’t come with any oils or suggestions of oils to use if you wanted to give this a try. Despite this, I found the incense sticks in the set a nice touch to entice all of the senses and create a real spa atmosphere.

Montagne Jeunesse 7th Heaven Complete Pamper Pack - £14.99 -

5 out of 5

Montagne Jeunesse 7th Heaven Complete Pamper Pack

Treat the lady in your life to a full pamper pack from 7th Heaven, with eight face packs, two hair masks, and three spa masks for hands and feet.

Also included in the hamper is a shower pom-pom, a flannel and a headband.

For just under £15, this really is a box full of goodies - suitable for a range of skin types and super simple to use.

A lovely variety of masks are included; ideal for the woman who likes a pampering.

Classic Pink Gin - £35 for 70cl -

4 out of 5

Classic Pink Gin

Create the perfect Valentine’s day cocktail with a bottle of Classic Pink Gin from the English Drinks Company.

The smooth tipples boasts notes of pomegranate, chinchona bark and grapefruit that is sweet and refreshing without being sickly.

The flavour is strong enough for this spirit to be enjoyed over ice, as well as within a cocktail or with a mixer of your choice.

Priced at only £35 for a 70cl bottle, this gin is also easy of your purse and worth every penny for its immense flavour and variety of drink uses.

Vita Nuova book - £36.95 -

5 out of 5

Vita Nuova

Dante Alighieri’s classic meditation on love, beauty and spiritual awakening has been lovingly re-worked by The Folio Society to create an exquisite Valentine’s day gift.

Written between 1292 and 1294, it is the first of Dante’s major writings and the essential precursor to his Divine Comedy.

The Italian work of art has been translated by Mark Musa for an English audience, with the original words laid out alongside the translations for readers to appreciate the original work.

The book is littered with a series of beautifully detailed illustrations, and introduced by Daniel Egnéus to add new life to the already captivating book

The beauty of Alighieri’s words have been encapsulated in the way this book is presented, with both it’s beautiful illustrations and presentation, bounded in cloth with its very own protective sleeve to prevent damage.

750 years after the author’s birth, the Vita Nuova still sings today, and the Folio Society have once again created a stunning gift for the book lover in your life this Valentine’s Day.

Janjira 24k Gold Rituals Treatment Mask - £55 -

4.5 out of 5

Janjira 24k Gold Rituals Treatment Mask

This luscious face mask is a step above most others - and is highly hydrating, even for the drier of skin types.

Often peel-off masks can be bitty and uncomfortable, but this was anything but; coming off in almost one entire sheet once dried, taking out any excess dirt from the pores with its strong elasticity.

This leaves the skin feeling smooth and firm. A real treat.

Though pricey, this does go a long way.

The indulgent product is blended with 24k gold and is even gold-coloured.

Janjira 24k Gold Rituals Ultimate Age Renewal Treatment - £52 -

3 out of 5

Janjira 24k Gold Rituals Ultimate Age Renewal Treatment

Packaged in a small gold pot, this treatment is a water-based product with a feel of gel, rather than cream when applied.

It is very hydrating and absorbs well, though it does not have the same indulgent feel as comes from a cream.

It does, however, go a long way when used and leaves skin feeling smooth.

There were no remarkable differences in terms of overall appearance and evening out of lines, however. As such, we found it a little pricey.

Ingredients include gardenia Florida fruit extract, raspberry extract, bladderwrack extract and aloe barbadensis leaf juice.

Passion Heart with Cherry Vodka - £25.75 for 350ml -

3 out of 5

Il Gusto Passion Heart cherry vodka

Flavoured vodka is a staple spirit for any home bar, and this cherry tipple in a heart-shaped bottle is great for Valentine’s day.

The spirit is said to boast slightly sharp sour cherries flirting with strong vodka, though I found the drink to be incredibly sweet rather than sour.

The lack of bite means this drink is incredibly smooth and can be drank as if it is a soft drink, though that is not a good trait for those who may buy the product because they like the tang of vodka.

This sweetness also made adding mixers a challenge, as it made drinks incredibly sickly. The cherry vodka did find itself being used as an unlikely addition to butter icing when making cupcakes - something I would strongly recommend!

The drink comes in a beautiful and durable heart-shaped bottle and can have personalised notes added to it, a nice touch for a loving Valentine’s day gift.

Though unbearably sweet, the Passion Heart with Cherry Vodka makes a great personalised boozy gift for Valentine’s day, and for £25.75 for the drink and reusable bottle is is easy on the wallet as well.

Metaxa 12 Stars - £30 - over 18s only -

5 out of 5

Metaxa 12 Stars

This divine spirit hails from Greece and is a blend of brandy and muscat.

The smooth, rich drink is 40 per cent ABV - and the ideal gift for any brandy lovers or fans of sweet, sipping spirits.

Though very strong and reminiscent of a few Mediterranean brandies, this spirit has added depth, with notes of toffee to round off the taste with every sip.

A beautiful drink made with Muscat wines exclusively from the Aegean island of Samos.

DANIEL Footwear Studsand Black Leather Block Heel Sandals - £159 -

5 out of 5

DANIEL Footwear Studsand Black Leather Block Heel Sandals

These stunning all-leather Italian shoes are exquisite - and the ideal gift for any Valentines who are into the rock look.

Embellished with studs and spikes, these beautiful shoes boast a comfortable, easy-to-walk-in block heel measuring 9cm (or little more than 3.5 ins).

For extra comfort and durability, these shoes are also leather-lined, leather upper and leather-soled. Bellissimo!

Andrew James Cast Iron Fondue Set - £27.99 -

4 out of 5

Andrew James Cast Iron Fondue Set

Treat your Valentine to a romantic meal or sweet treat for two, with a fondue of your choosing - cheese, flavoured oil or chocolate.

This set is quaint and attractive, made from a lovely red cast iron, with a delightfully-shaped top which has resting places for eight colour-coded forks; also ideal for parties.

It works with a gel fuel burner - the gel for which must be bought separately.

The set also includes a plate to protect surfaces and non-scratch feet on the pot stand.

Our only complaint with this set is the instructions are not very clear and could have done with pictures to illustrate which parts are what.

A great tool for a very reasonable price, however.

Cointreau and Night Times Walk book set - £32 -

4.5 out of 5

Cointreau and Night Time Walks book

This set is ideal for those who love indulgent, sweet liqueurs. Cointreau is absolutely delicious served on its own, over ice, in a cocktail, in coffee - and even over ice cream or pancakes.

Cointreau is a unique blend of sweet and bitter orange peels distilled in Angers - making for a beautifully rich and luxurious treat for lovers of triple sec fans.

This package also comes with a limited edition book penned by Alfred Cointreau, the sixth generation of the Cointreau family, discussing his adventures as heritage manager. Part of this role sees Alfred travel and meet bartenders and cocktail lovers, mixing cocktails until dawn. From partying in the craziest cocktail bars to visiting centuries-old distilleries, this book is a selection of Alfred’s most memorable experiences and some of his favourite spots around the globe. It also includes some cocktail recipes.

Beetlejuice Distressed Poster Sweatshirt - £33.99 -

4 out of 5

Beetlejuice Distressed Poster Sweatshirt. © Absolute CultTM 2018

Treat your film-loving other half to a super-cool item of clothing from this Valentine's Day. This website offers a massive range of clothing from TV shows, films, comic books and bands.

As a fan of the eighties Tim Burton classic, I opted for the Beetlejuice sweatshirt - and I love it. The jumper is made of a fairly thin material, which is flannel-like on the inside. This makes it super comfortable and ideal for a range of weather conditions.

It has a great fit too and is very flattering.

The reason it was given a four rather than five is purely because it cost a little more than I would usually pay. It is, however, officially licensed merchandise.

Romantic Valentines Cake Selection - £14.99 -

5 out of 5

Romantic Valentines Cake Selection

With vegetables used as the main ingredient, this unique and alternative romantic gift will make you fall in love with sweet treats all over again.

The cakes are all hand made in small batches using the brand’s own vegetables and eggs where possible - giving this selection a unique and personal feel.

Each cake is decorated beautifully with rich icing in pinks, purples and creams, as well as with vibrant flower petals that make these cakes stand out from your average confections.

There are five different flavours within the box for you to choose from - including rose and courgette, violet and pumpkin, orange and butternut squash, carrot cake with vanilla frost and fruit loaf with parsnip and lemon icing.

The fruit loaf and carrot cake were both packed full of fruit and vegetables with a thin and sweet layer of icing on top. The rose and violet cakes were both bursting with a flowery and sweet flavour, while the orange and butternut squash cake - my firm favourite - was sharp and tangy.

The cakes boasted wildly contrasting flavours, which made working through the box an even more enjoyable task.

All of the cakes were moist and decadent, and kept very well. The cakes were eaten two to three days after delivery, and could easily have been baked and served right in front of me.

Boasting big portions, amazing flavours and beautiful presentation - the Romantic Valentines Cake Selection from Blackberry Cottage Fayre is the perfect gift for your lover with a sweet tooth.

Magni-marble Make-Up Brush Set - £87.83 -

5 out of 5

Magni-marble Make-Up Brush Set

The makeup lover in your life is bound to fall head over heels for the Magnimarble Make-Up Brush Set from Blank Canvas Cosmetics.

The 10-piece set includes marble-infused with copper ferule and magnetic base brushes in a luxury keepsake gift box, which are not only beautiful but multi-functional.

The set comes with a magnetic frame that allows you to hang your designer brushes - something I find incredibly useful, as I always find my brushes rolling off my dressing table when I set them down.

A range of eye and face brushes are included within the set, with a handy guide on the back of the box to tell you what each brush is used for.

All of the brushes are 100 per cent vegan friendly and antibacterial, making them easy to clean after use.

Utterly decadent with magnetic elements that I have found surprisingly useful - the Magnimarble Make-Up Brush Set is a must-have for all cosmetics lovers.

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