Climbing Snowdon ‘too much like hard work’

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It is the mountain playground for people in the West Midlands – but it seems Snowdonia isn’t to everyone’s taste.

Mountain with a view – but many tourists underestimate the challenge of climbing Snowdon and complain of rocky paths or cloud

Reviews have emerged on the website TripAdvisor that criticise the climb up Snowdon as being too cloudy, not wheelchair accessible and frankly too much like hard work.

There are eight paths to the summit of the mountain and even the easiest, the Llanberis Path, is a long and often tricky route that takes most walkers a day to climb and then descend.

All routes involve stretches with severe gradients and areas where you must clamber over rocks. And, after all the effort, there is never a guarantee that the fantastic views offered from the top will not be masked by thick cloud.

The 3,560ft peak is the highest in Wales and the highest point in the British Isles outside the Scottish Highlands. It is served by its mountain railway and its summit cafe is open for the spring and summer months.

But for those who choose to walk, the challenge often appears to come as a shock to the system and many severely underestimate the physical toll it places on walkers.


Steven from Leicester gave his experience a “poor” rating on TripAdvisor, declaring: “All I can say is Don’t Do It! It was the most terrifying experience of our lives, the path is relentless, starts straight away going uphill and never lets up. The higher you go the worse the terrain becomes, you clamber over rocks, steps, jagged rocks etc.”

Another wrote: “I was disgusted to find even the easiest route up the mountain was not wheelchair accessible.”


And one said: “This was quite a steep hill and it could have been improved by concrete paths and maybe some toilets halfway up.”

One reviewer was dismayed the paths were not smooth and gentle all the way to the summit, adding: “I visited Snowdon hoping to achieve my dream of reaching the top. Unfortunately, this was not meant to be. I was disgusted to find even the easiest route up the mountain was not wheelchair accessible!’’

Hattonmanchester added: “It’s not for the faint hearted. Also don’t expect to be able to use the loo as there are no trees bushes or rocks to hide behind.’’

The Snowdonia website warns the mountain’s terrain is challenging at the best of times.

The most difficult route is Crib Goch, with Llanberis and the Snowdon Ranger paths deemed the easiest, but the website warns: “Whichever route you decide on is a challenging six to eight hour hike, with little shelter.”


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