Fizz Pop Science host three-day event in Market Drayton

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Children were given an explosive insight into the world of science this week.

Fizz Pop Science hosted a three-day workshop of experiments and practical activities for young people in Market Drayton.

Hosted at the Festival Drayton Centre, the science days went from 10am to 4pm, starting on Tuesday and finishing yesterday.

Throughout the week, a range of experiments and displays were put on show, including a plasma ball, hydrogen explosion, and a build your own slime workshop.

The workshops aim to educate younger people in the different fields of science in a fun and practical way, hoping to spark their love for science.

Tuesday focused on biology and how the digestive system works, along with the different human senses, and Wednesday looked at chemistry, focusing on gas based experiments.

The final day concluded yesterday with a physics based day, looking at how electricity can be used and manipulated.

A highlight of the day was allowing the children to experience the van de graaff generator - an electrostatic generator that puts the hair on the end of anyone who touches it.

Andrew Amey, from Fizz Pop Science, said: "We've been to the Festival Market Centre before, and Market Drayton always seems to have a real buzz about science, which is exactly what we're after.


"We hope the children will get a passion for science and one day when they're older take it further.

"It can be hard in primary schools to deliver the practicality of science and get through to younger children how exciting science really is.

"We've done a number of inclusive activities, creating human circuits, creating hydrogen explosions and having them ride on hoverboards to name a few.

"The children get a real grasp of how the experiments work and we get a real mix of ages that work together, from five-years old to 11."


The children ended the three days making their own slime using a number of components, that they could then take home with them.

Mandy Firth, development manager at Festival Drayton Centre, said: "We've had a number of bookings at the centre from Fizz Pop now.

"We are of course so happy that they continue to come back here as they are always incredibly popular and serve as a great educational outlet for children.

"It's a great experience for the children and some of them are returning customers that have come and experienced this before.

"Fizz Pop came to us in May half term, as well as last year and I recognise some of the children coming back from previous visits, so they must be doing something right.

"They're so great with the children and anything that introduces them to science is without a doubt a positive.

"Our offices are fairly near where they're working and we can hear some of the reactions from the experiments they conduct.

"We can tell from where we are that the children are being challenged as well as having fun."


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