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First Woodshrop festival brings the 'best music of the 20th century' to Shropshire

Old and young - and pets - came together to be transported back to hear the 'best music of the 20th century' at a new festival in Shrewsbury.

Woodshrop Music Festival

By the time the first Woodshrop festival finishes at 6pm on Sunday some 2,500 people are expected to have attended the tribute event at the West Mids Showground.

Sharon Crumb, Chris Morris, Rob Lee and Michelle Lee from Kent, Stafford and Cheshire
Lyndsey O'Connor, Mae Blackburn, six, and Kaiden O'Connor, 11, from Matlock
Woodshrop Music Festival
Woodshrop Music Festival
Martin Good from Crich (Derbyshire)
Woodshrop Music Festival

"We have welcomed people aged in their 80s to their first ever festival," said Emma Jones, one of the organisers of the three day event.

"The music is from acts that we will never see again so they have had to come along to be transported back to those days.

"We've also seen people in their 20s who love the music of Elvis, James Brown and Frank Sinatra.

"It has been exactly what we were hoping for and planned for."

Plenty of people and their dogs have gone along in fancy dress to soak up the atmosphere.

"We believe we have got the best tribute acts and from what we have seen so far they have been brilliant."

The tribute acts were selected because they are "amazing artists", added Emma. "In their own right they have to be sensational. I have to say they have been outstanding."

The idea is that if you shut your eyes and listen you would be transported in your imagination into a gig of the actual musicians. If the tribute acts look like their bands then even better.

Headliners include Oasis tribute 'Oasish' and Queen homage 'Mercury'.

Emma said: "Oasish were incredible on Friday. It was bouncing in the mosh pit and everybody was dancing."

With Woodshrop, Emma and Oli Jones hope to create a music festival that will have all people of all generations up on their feet.

Emma explained: "We wanted a music festival that would cater for a diverse range of music and see grandparents dancing with their grandkids - one that has a nice family feel to it.

"We've done an awful lot of research on all of the bands we've got - and we'd say they are the best tribute acts in the UK."

Even though Saturday was warm enough for some to wear tee-shirts, next year the plan is to hold the event in July, which they hope will provide a better chance of good weather.

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