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Dinosaurs return for children's summer holiday activities in Shropshire hills

Dinosaurs roared back into life at a Shropshire venue in the guise of small mammalian creatures - better known as children.

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From left: Owen Miller, aged six, Stephanie Bellows (education manager) and Maria Jackson, aged seven

One of the many summer holiday activities at Shropshire Hills Discovery Centre, in Craven Arms, is 'Disasters and Dinosaurs', to help children learn about the creatures that were wiped out 65 million years ago.

A spokesperson for the discovery centre said: "The children made their own dinosaur masks and stomped like dinosaurs in the meadows."

Among them were seven-year-old Maria Jackson, who made a stegosaurus mask, and six-year-old Owen Miller who was very proud of his particularly scary-looking creation.

Stephanie Bellows, the centre's education manager, was also pictured, but without her mask.

The whole idea of the activity was to investigate the disasters that began and ended the time of the dinosaurs, making a model volcano and experimenting with the patterns left by asteroids hitting the earth.

Events recommended for ages four to 11 years ran during the afternoon with the last of the current Dinosaurs and Disasters on tomorrow.

But dino fans should not be dismayed as the event will be running again from Bank Holiday Monday, August 28 to September 1.

Shropshire Hills Discovery Centre is the home of the charity Grow Cook Learn and it organises a host of events in the summer to keep the children occupied during the long summer holidays.

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