Mallory Knox, Mallory Knox - album review

Cambridge four-piece Mallory Knox are back with their fourth - and perhaps best yet - record.

Mallory Knox's new album is self-titled
Mallory Knox's new album is self-titled

Self-titled, it shows the confidence they have in these 12 riff-heavy rock romps and that confidence is justified.

Released via A Wolf At Your Door, the production is tight throughout. Losing vocalist Mikey Chapman this year could have sent the record - and the band - off-kilter, but now performing as a four-piece Sam Douglas slips seamlessly into the frontman role.

It's loud and assured. It's heavy yet finished off with a delicately deft touch that keeps it accessible to those that don't want to delve too deep into the darkest depths of the genre. And this fine line stops it from treading the middle of the road too - it's certainly not beige.

There's plenty of great moments, the chorus and instrumentals of Black Holes being as good a place as any to start. With that screeching overcurrent of guitar work sounding like prime Feeder, there's a poppy element on top with a thumping rhythm section underneath from Dave Rawling's drums and Douglas' bass that keeps the suspense coiled like a spring.

The opener Psycho Killer is a treat too, with that swaggering intro sounding like a primetime whisky commercial. It's slick and delicious, with a huge pre-chorus leading into a thumping wall of sound that will sound epic on their upcoming tour.

The World I Know is one track where Douglas' vocals shines. The deep, almost lazy vocal style here sounds a lot like Smash Mouth's Steve Harwell, while the building track could be a summertime driving anthem for any road trip.

There's a terrific intro to Wherever that calls up elements of Red Fang in its gravelly stoner rock undertones. When Joe Savins and James Gillett are allowed to run riot with their strings is when Mallory Knox sound best. And this is one moment on the record they are given free reign.

Crisis? What crisis? Mallory Knox are flying high.

Rating: 8/10

Mallory Knox play at Birmingham's Mama Roux's on September 30

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