Our Am Dram star this week is Teresa Castle, the Secretary of South Staffs Musical Theatre Company

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Not every am dram star has to be a leading actor or actress. There are plenty of hard-working folks out there in every company who are the ones who make the shows happen and keep the company ticking over, although you don’t see them.

Our Am Dram star this week is Teresa Castle, the Secretary of South Staffs Musical Theatre Company

Our Am Dram star this week is Teresa Castle, the Secretary of South Staffs Musical Theatre Company, who works alongside me every step of the way as we present our contributions to amateur musical theatre.

There’s so much more to producing a show than just appearing on stage. The dedication of the behind the scenes workers is essential to a good production. Whether it’s serving as a committee member, like Teresa, being back stage crew, selling programmes, entertaining front of house or whatever else is required, without these people there simply would not be a show.

Although Teresa does appear on stage, she remains safely in the ensemble, saving her talents and time for her position as secretary to the group. There is no harder working member. Not only does she conduct all the administration duties for the group, but she also she organises everyone, takes minutes, deals with new members and assists with writing the programme for our shows.

Nothing is too much trouble and Teresa is one of those people who completes a task from start to finish without being asked. She is efficient but friendly and I know commands the utmost respect amongst our members.

I ask her what she enjoys most about being the group’s secretary.

Teresa says: “I like the element of being in control and I enjoy the organising side of the role, but I don’t like all the paperwork.

“I wouldn’t mind handing over the role to another member and then taking on the social and fundraising aspect of our group, as I think it would be fun, but still organising people,

“I get satisfaction out of having everything up to date and have a sense of pride when people ask for information and it is there and correct, that makes me feel as if I am doing a good job.”


All this hard work aside, she still enjoys taking part too. Does Teresa have a dream role she would like to play?

“My dream role has always been Nancy in Oliver the musical,” she says. “But I would never be brave enough!”

I know there are many of you working away in the background who never take the glory for your actions. All I can say is thank you on behalf of all the am dram performers out there because without the likes of members like yourselves and Teresa, there would be no show.

Alison Norton

By Alison Norton

Theatre critic and unofficial 'am dram queen' for the Express & Star and Shropshire Star


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