HelloWorld!: Seven reasons you won't want to miss this show in Birmingham

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HelloWorld! Is coming to Birmingham's Genting Arena fron October 28 to 29 with a host of YouTube and gaming stars.

To get you really excited for the arrival of HelloWorld, we’ve created a list of seven reasons why you won’t want to miss this event:

Meet the Creators

With VIP tickets selling out in the first day, don’t think your hopes of interacting with the creators has gone with them.

Whilst the VIP Package is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, Standing Ticket holders are still going to spend the first part of HelloWorld on Main Street, where they can chill, play games, create with, buy from, and dance with the creators and artists until the sun sets and we begin the night-time part of our show.

There are surprises around every corner, so keep your camera ready and always answer a ringing phone box (shhhh, don’t tell anyone we told you that!).


This is the first HelloWorld, in fact the only one this year - people are already coming from all corners of the globe and we’ve heard so much chatter on Twitter about what people are planning to do here it makes our head spin!

We’ve got so much incredible stuff lined up that there’s not room here to list it all, but we do want you to know that HelloWorld isn’t going to be like anything else you’ve ever been to, it’s a true event spectacle!


Somewhere you don’t just meet your favourite online creators and artists, you’re hanging out in their incredible world! Check for more information and updates.

Explore Main Street

This is HelloWorld!


If you follow HelloWorld! on Twitter you might have heard of Main Street, but you probably don’t know exactly how impressive it’s going to be, right?

So picture the scene…you enter the Genting Arena and stretching ahead of you is our indoor world, a giant sun rises overhead and slowly wakes up our world, and HelloWorld residents bring the scene to life…you feel like you’re in a different world, this is your world, this is HelloWorld.

This Line-up!


The line-up of creators for launch was inspired by the kinds of ‘World’s Best Creators’ top 10 lists you see online and to cut a long story short we looked at a lot of these lists, and just booked all of them!

Zoella, Alfie Deyes, Joe Sugg, Caspar Lee, Rose and Rosie, Jim Chapman, Louise Pentland, KSI, and Marcus Butler are all confirmed so far.

And the thing is, this is only the beginning.

The Giant Arcade Stage

If we had to choose one of the Wonders of Main Street, then we’d pick the Giant Arcade Stage – this thing is huge and you can play on it! It’s going to see some fiercely competitive battles between you and the creators, as well as host parts of our evening show…so prepare to see some ‘pad rage’.

You’re going to need to see this thing to believe it!

Non-boring learning

Only kidding, all learning is fun! Kidding again, it can be boring sometimes we know that, and there’s so much to do on Main Street that learning how to become a professional YouTuber might not be how you want to spend your time, maybe you are one already, maybe you should be teaching the class?

However, if this sounds like a good thing to do, then some of our biggest creators are going to be hosting sessions full of the kind of helpful tips like ‘always make sure you check your nostrils before filming’, and ‘shut the cat out of the room before you click record’, that kind of thing, only much, much better!

Just how you like it

The most important thing about HelloWorld is that you take it at your pace. We made this for you so don’t think that you’re going to be shoved from one queue to another, then jammed into a sweaty mosh pit and spat out onto the street at the end of the night.

No, they've got chill-out areas, an indoor picnic area, and loads of spaces for quiet reflection if that’s how you want to spend your day with us, and of course for those who want to explore, dance, jump around, laugh (or cry?!), then it’s all here for you.

We keep saying this, but we mean it, this isn’t their world, this is your world, this is HELLOWORLD!

From the creatives behind the MTV VMAs, this world-first event brings together the biggest digital stars on the planet - headliners include Caspar Lee, Jim Chapman, Joe Sugg, Louise Pentland, Marcus Butler, KSI, PointlessBlog, Rose & Rosie and Zoella - all together under one roof for the very first time. With a combined online following of over 150 million people, HelloWorld will create a social media storm like never before in an immersive 4-and-a-half hour show. With more big names to be announced over the coming weeks this is going to be the must-see event of the year!

Seated tickets for HelloWorld start at £27.50 inc booking fee, these tickets are for the Night-time show part of the event.

Standing tickets for HelloWorld start at £49.50 inc booking fee, these tickets are for both parts of our event, the Daytime Experience and the Night-time show.

Tickets are available to buy here:

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