Father's Day 2017: Top gifts to get for dad

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From fixing our bikes to playing practical jokes on us to our mother's displeasure - no matter what our age, dads are always there for us.

Treat dad this Father's Day

This Father's Day, treat your dad to the perfect gift that shows your timeless appreciation with our tried-and-tested Father's Day 2017 gift guide, packed full of unique gadgets, tasty treats and touching gifts for the best man in your life.

Cockburn’s Port - £12 - Available at Waitrose, Tesco and Morrison’s

4 out of 5

Cockburns Port

Smooth and sweet - Cockburn’s Port is the perfect Father’s Day tipple for upcoming summer BBQs and cool evenings in front of the fire.

With a full-bodied, fruity taste with a dry finish and a smooth texture - this port sets a high bar of excellence for other ports to achieve. It is sweet on the palate but does not leave a sticky aftertaste, instead it is remarkably dry and fresh with it’s combination of wood-aged flavours.


I found this drink to be both refreshing straight in a small glass or coupled with tonic water on a hot mid-afternoon.

Reasonably priced for such a high quality product - Cockburn’s Port is a drink like no other, and one that will delight dads this Father’s Day.

Thornback and Peel Lobster Placemat set - £35 -

4 out of 5


Lobster placemat set

Fathers are known for their culinary prowess when it comes to meat and seafood - whether tackling a hearty roast or proudly manning the family BBQ.

Now, they can stare upon one lavish creature at every meal with Thornback and Peel’s quirky lobster placemat set.

Known for their bold and brash designs - the intricate, red crustacean designs stands out from a stark white background that immediately catches the eye.

The four mats are completed with a soft cork backing for durability and are easy to wipe.

The cork also prevents the mat from slipping on various surfaces - so your father can not only show off his cooking skills in any environment, but also his gift.

A kooky addition for any household - the Thornback and Peel lobster placemat set will make your dinner table or summer BBQ stand out from the crowd.

On the Origin of Species by Charles Darwin - £44.95 - The Folio Society

5 out of 5

On the Origin Of Species

From your own father to the father of the natural world - no book has revolutionised our view of life on earth more than Charles Darwin's On the Origin of Species.

Given a brand new look - The Folio Society have created a truly exquisite Father’s Day gift with a revamped On the Origin of Species.

I was blown away before even opening the book by the beautifully detailed from cover - with gold foil contrasting jet black and cream illustrations against a rich brown leather.

Throughout the book, Darwin’s findings and the awe they inspired are captured once more with new, vibrant illustrations on high-quality paper that perfectly encapsulate the gravity and wonder of the words they accompany.

Though bound with strong leather and on hardy paper - the book comes packaged in a black presentation folder to protect the book from damage.

Filled with real, loving care and expertly crafted - The Folio Society have created one of the most breathtaking gifts I have ever laid my hands on.

Charles Conrad Unisex Watch in gold - £169 - and

4.5 out of 5

Charles Conrad watch

From a very young age I can always remember seeing my father with a watch - in fact I can confidently say that I have never seen my father without one.

It is safe to say then, that a watch would be a perfect gift - but also a challenging one as he has become quite the connoisseur.

Charles Conrad impress yet again with their golden CC02009 watch in gold.

The watch is sleek and sophisticated with a bold face and elegant mesh strap with a deployment clasp that allows for secure and confident wear.

The main highlight of this product is it’s easily changeable straps that allow this watch to be suitable for any occasion. I also went with the Charles Conrad Black Leather Strap CDA1006-17-L2 priced at £39.95 for a more casual watch and was delighted to see that these straps were of an equally high standard.

Roman numerals and slim watch hands continue the golden theme brilliantly onto the watch face with a date window, the perfect finishing touch for extra functionality.

Worth every penny of it’s high price tag - this watch is multi-occasional and consistently high quality.

Polk Boom Swimmer Duo - £49.99 -

5 out of 5

Polk Boom Speaker

Perfect for the outdoorsy dad, the Polk BOOM Swimmer is a rugged Bluetooth speaker that is fully-portable and champions an impeccable sound.

The speaker features a flexible hook, allowing users to attach the speaker to anything from a surfboard to a bicycle.

This flexibility doesn’t compromise the speakers durability however - this speaker can withstand any number of drops or bumps as it is completely dirt, dust mud and sound proof while still playing crystal clear sound.

It also features a suction cup clip on for use in the shower – making it ideal for dads who sing loudly in the shower!

The speaker is available in a number of vibrant colour combinations and comes with a number of other gadgets for added functionality including a micro USB to USB cable, a removable suction cup attachment, a removable flex tail attachment and an easy to use quick start guide.

The Polk Boom Swimmer speaker is the perfect gift for dads on the go with it’s multi-terrain functionality, nifty add-ons and supreme sound so that they can listen to their favourite tunes, literally anywhere.

Walnut Wood Wallet for Samsung Galaxy S4 - £16.95 -

4 out of 5

Case from Snakehive

London brand Snakehive offer an array of bespoke cases and phone accessories perfect for a father attached to his mobile.

I selected the Walnut Wood Wallet, protecting both the back of the phone and screen with a wood and leather based case.

The case provided a stylish finish as well as being hardy enough to protect the phone from any number of bumps inside a bag.

Magnetic strips within the wooden panels allow the front flap to be clipped back when the phone is in use - something I found to be an important feature as it is always something that I had found off putting about flip cases.

As wood is a natural material, each case is completely unique which adds to the beauty and personalised feel of the product.

Give your Dad’s phone a unique finish and stand out from the crowd with any number of Snakehive’s perfectly crafted and affordable offerings this Father’s Day.

Kool Grill BBQ - £99.99 -

2 out of 5

Kool Grill

This small, portable barbeque is ideal for use when camping - or indeed in a small garden, without much work to set up. Its stand also means it would be ideal for use in natural areas, such as Cannock Chase for example, without fear of scorching the grass.

It has a battery-assisted fan system which is designed to aid the coal in reaching higher temperatures faster; though we found the grill did not get hot enough to properly barbeque food, even after waiting for more than 30 minutes.

It is a very attractive, small item - but unfortunately fails in its primary purpose.

Quadrapan - £34.99 -

5 out of 5


This non-stick four-compartment pan is ideal for cooking a range of meals - be it a full English, a variety of meats, pizzas and more. The separate compartments even mean vegetarian meat dishes can be cooked in the same pan without risk of cross contamination.

The pan comes with a detachable handle too, meaning it doubles up as an oven dish.

The detachable parts also mean the otherwise very large pan is easy to store. It is very weighty though, so do take care when using.

This is not an item that would be suitable for someone who struggles to lift heavy objects.

Moonshot Gin - £32.95 -

4 out of 5

Moonshot Gin

This unique gin is extra special, as it has been created solely with botanicals that have been sent into space, says the firm ‘That Boutique-y Gin Company’. It also contains a very unusual ingredient - moon rock from a lunar meteorite.

As such, this delicious, fruity gin is a superbly unusual gift for any space-loving dad or grandad.

The company which created it says the gin’s ingredients were sent more than 24km in into space, where they were exposed to extremely low pressures.

The following ingredients are included to produce the wonderfully smooth, fresh gin: juniper, coriander, cubeb pepper, fresh lemon peel, camomile flowers, cardamom, dried bitter orange peel, cinnamon, liquorice root and angelica.

Maiden lighter - £26.45 -

4.5 out of 5

Iron Maiden lighter

This rocking lighter is superb for any metal-loving dad - and comes in a choice of three designs starring Eddie The Head from various stages in the band’s career.

Created by Zippo, the lighter is hefty and high quality - and looks super cool.

The firm is also selling a variety of different band-themed lighters, from The Rolling Stones, to Bob Marley, Jimi Hendrix, Slipknot and Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Tablet and remote control store - £19 -

4 out of 5

Remote holder

This simple yet stylish tablet and remote control holder is ideal for the living room - or even a bedroom or study. With a dark wooden finish, this small - yet useful holder - is sleek and helpfully holds the many items which are so frequently misplaced in the home.

With two wide slots, this can be used to store tablets, phones, Kindles and more.

It works well, is a great idea and its high quality design makes it sturdy and visually pleasing.

Folding garden tool store - £21 -

5 out of 5

Gardener's Stool

Perfect for the keen gardener, this folding tool store is both lovely to look at, is easily carried around thanks to its handles, and even doubles up as a sturdy canvas stool.

Made of a high quality green and brown canvas, this item is weatherproof and no doubt lasting.

It has pockets all around the outside, for easy access to tools - as well as a bag area inside for more storage.

Excellent high quality design and material - and ideal for the green-fingered dad.

Pilot aviator sunglasses in gold by Maui Jim - £255 -

5 out of 5

Maui Jim glasses

For dads who fancy themselves a pilot or a biker, these gorgeous sunglasses are an absolute must.

These stunning lightweight aviator shades are a timeless set of sunglasses - ideal for dads of all ages.

Available in black or gold, these sunglasses feel almost as if they are prescription sunglasses, due to the crisp, clear lenses. Though the lens colour and style can be changed, this pair came with HCL® Bronze - which is versatile in changing conditions with a warm tint. They are also made with MauiBrilliant; the firm’s most advanced lens material.

These shades may seem a little pricey at £255, but they are by far the most superior sunglasses I have ever used.

Lily O’Brien’s Petit Indulgence Collection and Sea salted caramels - £9 and £5 respectively -

3.5 out of 5

Salted caramels

Treat your dad to a selection of decadent chocolates this Father’s Day with these lovely sets from chocolatiers Lily O’Briens.

The sea salted caramels consist of both dark and milk chocolate-coated treats, with the milk chocolate caramels containing delicious salted caramel, while the dark chocolate caramels are coated with Himalayan Sea Salt. The milk chocolate ones were delicious, however the large, plentiful chunks of sea salt on top of the dark chocolate caramels were a little too much - even for a big fan of salted caramels.

The Petit Indulgence Collection, meanwhile, consists of a variety of flavoured chocolates. The thirty chocolates are split into a range of flavour, including Simply Chocolate, Sticky Toffee, Le Crunch Chocolat, Orange Chocolate Ganache, Praline Perfection and Raspberry Crème.

A lovely selection, ideal for chocolate-loving dads who like a variety of flavours.

La Martina EDP - £74.99 -

3.5 out of 5

La Martina EDP

This fresh-smelling scent boasts warm tones, with top notes of coriander, pink pepper, rhubarb, grapefruit and bergamot; giving it an almost spicy smell. Bottom notes of magnolia, jasmine, lily of the valley and geranium balance the scent, making it relaxing yet floral - in the most masculine of ways.

Though this is a fairly light scent, I would suggest this high-end cologne is perhaps best suited to dads over 30.

As a high quality product, this spray is also long lasting and is packaged in a most unique, attractive bottle.

The Snaffling Pig Co.’s scratchings in Ham and Colman’s Mustard and Sweet Chilli - £19.99 for pack of three 100g jars or £16.99 for a 300g jar -

3.5 out of 5

The Snaffling Pig Co.’s scratchings

These scratchings are packaged in a lovely glass jar - and come in a huge range of flavours, from salt and vinegar, to black pepper, BBQ, sweet chilli, habanero chilli and maple.

Though very pricey for what they are, the unique flavours and attractive packaging does make them really great, unusual Father’s Day gifts.

Flavours we sampled were the sweet chilli and the ham and Colman’s mustard - and both were delicious. The double-cooked scratchings are delightfully crunchy and yet soft - in all the right places.

The mustard flavour divided opinion - with some thinking it was too spicy and others stating it should have had more kick; but they were lovely nonetheless.

The sweet chilli flavour on the hand was superb - totally delicious and delightfully sweet and spicy.

Professional 10-piece knife set and knife case - £46.20 -

4.5 out of 5

Professional knife set

This set is ideal for any dads who fancy themselves as a bit of a Gordon Ramsey or Jamie Oliver in the kitchen.

Encased in a wide fold-out black material carry case, this set would be ideal for travelling chefs - or indeed anyone who doesn’t have the room to store the full set in their kitchen.

While this set is a fairly reasonable one at just £46.20, the knives in the set are very high quality (and super sharp too, so watch your fingers).

Included in the set is a knife sharpener, a serrated bread knife, a carving knife and other smaller blades.

Bubble Club hamper (subscription service) - £32.99 per month -

5 out of 5

Bubble Club hamper

If your dad has a soft spot for bubbles, get him signed up to this lovely array of monthly (or bi-monthly, if you wish) sparkling wines and goodies.

I had the pleasure of sampling the April box, which contained a bottle of Domaine de Montmarin Brut, a bottle of Scandolera DOCG Prosecco, a small bottle of rhubarb gin liqueur, a bag of Huntapac Roots vegetable crisps and a pack of two Island Bakery lemon melts.

Though more than £30 per month is fairly costly over the course of a year, the boxes are well worth the money - and are wonderful uplifting presents for all year round. This could be the gift that just keeps giving and giving (for as long and as frequently as you wish.

Both of the wines I was sent were superb. The Domaine de Montmarin Brut, while dry, lacked a bitter, often dreaded aftertaste which can sometimes come with a dry wine. It boasted delicate floral tones too, with deliciously light bubbles and mouthwatering citrus flavours. This would be perfect to accompany seafood or white meat, as well as on its own.

The prosecco, meanwhile, was a slightly lighter wine with tongue tingling bubbles and pineapple and mango tones. A lovely well-rounded wine, perfect for drinking on its own or accompanying risottos and pasta dishes.

The lemon melts were absolutely delicious, meanwhile - and I couldn’t leave the gorgeous vegetable crisps alone.

JBL Everest 300 On-Ear Wireless Headphones - £99 -

4 out of 5

JBL Everest 300 On-Ear Wireless Headphone

These sleek-looking headphones have excellent sound-cancelling properties and have the ability to play very deep, powerful bass tones.

The Bluetooth on the headphones means they would be ideal for use at the gym - or indeed when doing manual labour - as no wires would get in the way.

We were, however, slightly disappointed, as the wireless would not work with our XBox One - as it is not Bluetooth compatible. Not that that is the fault of the headphones, of course.

Baja Alpha Electric Off-Road Buggy - £29.99 -

5 out of 5

Baja Alpha Electric Off-Road Buggy

This hardwearing, mean-looking machine was great fun to sample - and would be superb for any dads who are still kids at heart.

Though it cannot be used on grass, it turns well at speed on concrete and has good control.

It has a removable battery pack which comes with (avoiding the issue of having to buy batteries), though it only lasts a few hours.

Though this is perhaps not a top-level remote control vehicle, we did think this product was excellent value for money.

Mixology Selection by Fudge Kitchen - £10 -

4.5 out of 5

Mixology Selection

This fudge, while rather pricey, is by far the best we’ve ever tried.

Moist and tasty, each of these mixology fudges was delicious - though admittedly some stood out more than others.

The chocolate and cherry, for example, was stunning - filled with cherry chunks and packing a rich chocolate taste. The rum and raisin was lovely too, though we felt it could have used a little more rum. The brandy Alexander, meanwhile, was very nice - though the brandy taste was only very subtle.

The juniper lime dry gin flavour was the overall favourite and oozed with flavours of gin.

A wonderful wide selection of fudges in a stunning box - and of superior quality.

Excellent for any fudge-loving dads out there.

Ecco Cool 2.0 trainers - £150 -

4 out of 5

Ecco Cool 2.0

These trainers are extremely comfortable to wear and are also attractive and stylish, while serving as a lightweight pair of running shoes.

They are, however, designed to be ‘cool’, with honeycomb-style material designed to allow the skin to breathe. This was not hugely successful when we tried them out, however, and found they caused sweating like any other pair.

They come with innovative removable socks which sit in each shoe. Again, while it is good that they can be taken out and washed, we found they did not help cool our feet.

Their thick, yet light rubber soles make the trainers get for walking and running, however, and Gore-Tex Surround around the shoes protects the feet from the elements.

Luger LR 6x18 Compact Binoculars - £62.95 -

5 out of 5

Luger LR 6x18 Compact Binoculars

These binoculars are lightweight, attractive and of superb quality.

When sampling these binoculars, we particularly liked the independent focus for each lens - which would be especially useful for those who have visual impairments or wear glasses.

It comes with a sturdy carry bag too and, due to the fact the whole set of binoculars folds down; making it ideal for placing in pockets or small bags.

The binoculars are hard-wearing too - vital when they are used in the great outdoors.

Great value for money, considering the lens quality.

Grapefruitcello - £6.80 per 100ml -

4 out of 5


This delicious liqueur is a unique take on the traditional Italian treat limoncello and, like the lemon liqueur, is best served freezing cold - straight out of the freezer or poured over ice.

The bitter taste of the grapefruit perfectly complemented the sweet liqueur flavour of the 'cello'.

Like its lemon-flavoured cousin, this drink is best enjoyed in the sun over (lots of) ice, after dinner, as an aperitif - or even a palette cleanser.

It would make a great gift for any dad who enjoys vodka, limoncello or just something a little out of the ordinary.

Made in Gloucester, the firm which makes the drink - Demijohn - believes this to be the only grapefruitcello in existence.

Though this was truly delicious, it received just 4/5 as I found it to be a tad pricey.

Doombar - £24 for 5ltr mini keg -

5 out of 5

Doom Bar

This stunning award-winning amber ale is bitter, hoppy and sweet in all the right places, making it a well-rounded, satisfying and refreshing beverage.

Though it need not be chilled, this beer - in my opinion - tastes best straight out of the fridge.

At 4.8%, this beer is perfect enjoyed in the sun too - not too strong, just fresh and delicious.

This ale is ideal for any beer-loving dads. Due to its well-rounded balance, it is a poplar taste too - as it is neither too bitter or too hoppy.

Doombar can be bought as single bottles, as a keg, or in cases.

Le Bicycle Bike Tool set - £6.95 -

3 out of 5

Bicycle Tool Set

This bicycle boxed tool set aims to provide everything a dad on the go might need if his journey is cut short by a bicycle problem.

The set contains seven allen keys, two screwdrivers and five wrenches on two halves that clip together - with a carry pouch included.

Though aiming to be handy, I found this tool to be the complete opposite with stiff tools that were hard to utilise and confusing mechanics when the two halves of the tool were seperated - meaning it is still in two halves even now.

While practical as it is compact and easy to carry, packaged in an attractive box - I found this tool to be ultimately impractical, with sub-standard and frustrating mechanics.

Nivea Protect and Care Deep Cleansing Face Wash - £4.29 - Available from Boots nationwide

4.5 out of 5

Face Wash

This face wash was lovely to use and left the skin feeling smooth and hydrated, without leaving the face tight or clogged.

It is absolutely perfect for morning use too, as it is refreshing and a great way to wake up your skin. Great value for money and ideal for dads who don't like their products to be over-perfumed.

As men tend to use one wash for face and body, we must oint out that the menthol means it is only suitable for the face.

Nivea Protect and Care Two Phase Aftershave Lotion - £5.99 - Available from Boots nationwide

4 out of 5

After Shave Lotion

This lotion was lovely to use, but we felt it would have been better had it packed in more moisture. It does, however, smell lovely and leaves skin feeling smooth, without being greasy.

A great value for money gift, ideal for men of all ages.

MR Thickening Treatment - £25 - MR. By Jamie Stevens is available from Boots Nationwide

The thickening treatment

MR Thickening Shampoo - £10 - MR. By Jamie Stevens is available from Boots Nationwide

The shampoo

MR Thickening Conditioner - £10 - MR. By Jamie Stevens is available from Boots Nationwide

The conditioner

3 out of 5

These MR thickening products are brilliantly easy to use and, while they do not lead to regrowth, they certainly do appear to thicken the hair.

The spray is easily distributed through the hair and does not leave any unwanted residue.

The shampoo, meanwhile, again is nice to use - though it does leave the hair dry after use, so it is important the conditioner is used too.

A nice collection of products which give good results and would be suitable for dads of a range of ages.

By Becci Stanley and Kirsten Rawlins

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