Fancy yourself a film buff? Name the movies these cars featured in - quiz

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Fancy yourself a film buff? Think you're a pretty big automotive enthusiast? Then this is the quiz for you.

Can you beat the quiz?

As a movie fan, car chases will stick in our minds. They make us feel like we're Vin Diesel in our Nissan Micra.

Cars in films aren’t only memorable for the boisterous car chase scenes, though; there are iconic movie cars for those of us who prefer a rom-com or family-friendly genre of film, too. Lady Penelope’s pink car was a total must-have when we saw Thunderbirds and, of course, who can forget The Weasley’s magical but slightly faulty flying car?

In fact, cars in films can be so iconic that we often see them as the hero of the film - who can deny Bumblebee is the most loved Transformer? You’ll even see families queuing up to get a photo with an iconic movie car at Disneyland - yep, no interest in Mickey Mouse or Disney Princesses, the car is the star of the show. It’s little surprise that Disney’s movie ‘Cars’ has made 8 billion dollars in global retail sales so far, and this can only be expected to grow with the release of Cars 3 later this year.

For the movie lovers amongst us, car ‘characters’ can bring excitement, action and magic to a film and for the car fanatics, car ‘characters’ are a way to see flash, hi-tech and futuristic vehicles in action on the big-screen.

James Bond wouldn’t be James Bond without an Aston Martin, Batman wouldn’t be Batman without the Batmobile and Ghostbusters would have no chance of ghost-busting without the Ecto-1.

Movies with an iconic car will always be revving their way to success!

This quiz encourages car and movie fans to delve into their minds and work out what film the car pictured was featured in, with minimal graphics as clues.

Can you guess the film by the iconic car? Put your movie knowledge to the test with's new interactive quiz

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