Shrewsbury teenager's Grand Theft Auto V tips are a global hit

Want to rob a bank? Make serious money? Steal a car? Then there's only one man to turn to . . .

Teenager Fred Pye, 17, from Shrewsbury, has turned his gaming hobby into a lucrative money-spinner
Teenager Fred Pye, 17, from Shrewsbury, has turned his gaming hobby into a lucrative money-spinner

For that man, known as NoughtPointFour to his friends, can tell you the way in to the vault, the best scams to play and offer real opportunities to rip off rival gangsters.

And this criminal mastermind is only 17 and studying for A-levels in his home town of Shrewsbury.

But everything Fred Pye does is legal and above board – in the real world.

Fred has turned his love of the bestselling Grand Theft Auto computer games into a lucrative hobby – one that has brought him to the attention of millions of fellow gamers around the world.

Fred, from Belle Vue, is known in the internet world as NoughtPointFour – the man to turn to for all the insider tips on mega hit computer game Grand Theft Auto V.

The game takes place in the fictional American city of Los Santos and sees players take on the role of one of three underworld characters building up a criminal empire.

Fred has turned his knowledge of the game into a series of internet videos offering hints and tips to other players.

He has recorded over 2,500,000 monthly hits to his YouTube channel NoughtPointFourLive and has, in total, received 25,000,000 views and has 138,000 subscribers.

When fans visit his pages, he tells them how to uncover hidden scenes, solve glitches and discover locked levels.

And thanks to advertising, Fred earns about £2,000 a a month for his efforts.

Currently a student of advanced maths, history, English and politics at Shrewsbury Sixth Form College, Fred hopes to take a gap year once he graduates and concentrate on the channel.

"At first my parents wanted me to get off the computer," said Fred. "I had been uploading videos to YouTube for about two-and-a-half years and then really got in to Grand Theft Auto V.

"But since they saw how well I was doing they have been really encouraging. It is all down to the game really.

"Grand Theft Auto V has been a phenomenal success which has opened up loads of opportunities for me. The channel basically helps people find out how to play the game at a deeper level. I show them ways to solve glitches and find hidden levels. I have people from all over the world following me and that is purely down to the appeal of the game. The majority of my subscribers come from America, as Grand Theft Auto is such a hit there.

"It takes me up to three hours to make each video and there are dozens on the channel.

"The videos purely help people with the game. I enjoy creating them so that people can get the most out of Grand Theft Auto V as it is such a good game.

"I help them go beyond a superficial level and enter into another level of the game."

Previously Fred uploaded videos to YouTube for Guitar Hero but the game did not capture the public's imagination.

"I try to look for games that will trend," said Fred.

"No-one really knows when the next Grand Theft Auto is going to come out and so I need to keep my eyes open for the next hit game."

Fred makes money from his channel in the form of advertising and downloads. "I also carry reviews for other companies and so generate an income from that.

"It is quite amazing to think how much I have earned from it. At first I didn't earn that much but, since the channel has really taken off, I am earning a good wage, from something I love doing."

Grand Theft Auto V facts and figures:

  • Grand Theft Auto V was developed by Scotland-based Rockstar North

  • It was released worldwide on September 17, 2013

  • Players focus on the pursuit of the almighty dollar in a re-imagined, present-day Southern California

  • There are multiple endings to the story, which depend on the decisions you make

  • It is set in Los Santos (Rockstar’s take on Los Angeles, California) and features three playable characters

  • Vehicles include crop dusters to jet skis, jets, semi-trailer trucks and cars

  • Weapons include AK47s and pistols

  • Mission types vary among big and small events, explosive, infiltration, super spectacular, family, invasion, hostage recovery and heists. and robberies – plus classic GTA missions, but updated and improved

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